The Mona Lisa Anniversary Song Portrait

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The Mona Lisa Song Portrait

A song to honor and celebrate someone you love. Recorded digitally and emailed to you as an MP3, it can also be sung live to them via phone, FaceTime, or Skype for an additional fee of $50. It comes with a free fifteen minute consultation.

2 reviews for The Mona Lisa Anniversary Song Portrait

  1. Lenna

    I was thinking about what special gift I could give to my beloved mother for her birthday that would really honor everything she has done for me and my brother. Then I remembered about Scott’s Song Portraits. Being a kind person, Scott was wonderful to work with. We had only a few days to get it done before my moms birthday and Scott worked very quickly on the initial version. Then he welcomed a very thorough feedback, and he worked very hard to fine tune the song so it was just right, and felt 100% like “me and my mom”. I felt safe in Scotts hands, and was so happy and grateful to have his care. When my mom heard the song she was in awe and so was the rest of the family. It felt so good to see her happy and to know that I gave her a meaningful, “for life” gift. It was the best gift I could have given her this year!

    Deep gratitude Scott!!!!?

  2. Chara

    I’ve had the privilege to work with Scott Grace in several ways and they’ve all been extremely supportive and empowering! One of the most incredible things he created for me is my SONG PORTRAIT! I cherish this magical song that was created especially and exclusively for me by Scott and the Divine Spirit that guides him. When I listen to my song portrait, it’s as if God is singing to me the words my heart most needs to hear. It’s the most unique and special gift you could ever give to yourself or a loved one!

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