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My Life Summed Up in Rhyme

I was born at a young age in 1963 Survived the streets of Brooklyn and my noisy family My parents thought God was a scam, religion was for saps For me that meant no Hebrew School and I thanked God for that No Chanukah, no Christmas trees, no holy holidays When we...

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What I Learned From Dogs

I love watching dogs run after seagulls on the beach. They set their sights on a flock and then are focused, single-minded, and even quite passionate about running down a bird. At the same time, they are very fulfilled in the thrill of the moment, having a tremendous...

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Becoming Gentle with Myself

Years ago my therapist was pointing out how hard I was being on myself. I said, “John, I’m just trying to get to the nugget of truth within what the inner critic is telling me.”I had long believed if you could strip away the fear and guilt, the pushing and shoving,...

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