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From Rock Stars and Pedestals to Connection as Equals

I have put people on pedestals for much of my life, starting early with my parents, moving on up to rock stars on my wall, and eventually graduating to worshipping some spiritual superstars on my altar. "OMG, that person is so evolved! If I could ever attain their...

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Having Fun with Unwanted Phone Calls

A man called me from Jamaica and told me I had just won $15 million and wanted my bank info so he could wire the money to me. I pounced on the opportunity, exclaiming in a voice that pretended innocence, enthusiasm, and naivety…. “Oh, this is so exciting! Thank you...

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Tapping with Jesus

This one is way scary for me to come out about. Since 1993 I have been conversing with Jesus, although I prefer to call him Jeshua. That's apparently what is parents called him. This morning in meditation he asked me to step aside and lead a tapping meditation through...

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