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One Hour Karma

On Monday I was outside helping to bring the shopping carts back into the grocery store where I am employed, and I encountered a damsel in distress, looking frustrated, standing by her Mercedes Benz. She had locked herself out of her car, leaving her car key...

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A Light in the Tunnel

The first time I met Richard Bartee, whose alias was the ‘D’ Train Poet, I was riding a Manhattan subway. I noticed him right away. Big, black, and beautiful, he was busy breaking the unwritten, but widely adhered to, laws of the NYC underground: mind your own...

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The Biggest Secret

The Secret is out, way out. Those who have been entrenched in feelings of powerlessness are finding their mojo by applying its principles. Yay to the setting of intentions, the power of positive thinking, and the wondrous Law of Attraction! Yay to manifesting a...

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