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Oh, the Places Your Ego Will Go!

Dear Scott, My brand new book, hot off the presses, is called Oh, the Places Your Ego Will Go. I feel so proud, grateful, and excited I feel like I did with my daughter, that I had to show pics whether people appreciated or declined (in their body language). This...

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A Happy True Story

Here is a dazzling true story written down by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author who wrote Eat, Love, Pray. I especially love the sense of humor and playful imagination that the bus driver expresses to lighten the load of the entire bus. I want to grow up to be like him...

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Me, a Bully? Yes!

Recently I had been very critical of someone that I’ve come to call my best friend. I found myself wanting to be right about many things, things I judged she ‘should’ be working on, things I was judging she was in denial about. I was not minding my own business. Not...

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