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Lessons Learned from Fine Sushi and Sake

he year was 1993. Strolling through San Francisco in a buoyant mood, I had been lifted by the success of a juicy musical performance I had just given. Since my latest self-love stretch was learning to be more generous with myself financially, I decided to have dinner...

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Going Nuclear at the Dentist

I was sitting in the dentist's chair in the spring of 2019 getting a cavity worked on, the most troublesome of three that the x-rays had found. I hadn't been in for a check-up in over two years, feeling scarce about both time and money, and now I was going to have to...

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From Seeker to Finder

At a Course In Miracles Conference in 1993, I had gone to my room to take a nap, and suddenly was awakened by a powerful surge of guidance to go straight down to Tom Carpenter's workshop. Tom channeled Jeshua Ben Joseph, our elder brother and my most trusted teacher....

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