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Tapping with Jesus

his one is way scary for me to come out publiclly about. Since 1993 I have been conversing with Jesus, although I prefer to call him Jeshua. This morning in meditation he asked me to step aside and lead a tapping meditation through me. Whether you call it channeling,...

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The Classroom of Romantic Relationship

Because it is Valentines Day, let's take a peek behind the scenes into what goes on in the.... THE CLASSROOM OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP Relationship Stage One (Attraction, Honeymoon) I applied to a great school and I've been accepted! I'm on the top of the world! (And I...

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More on Archangel Anger

My last post was about anger, and how important a teacher it can be when channelled constructively to create change. I included a very funny song, one of my funniest, about using your anger to set boundaries and forge new territory. But I had much more I wanted to...

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