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Building the Adult

In early1994, while entering a new relationship, I was desiring to not make the same mistakes I had made before, eager and ready to make some fresh, new, bold mistakes! I was seeking a divorce from the recurring themes of my dysfunctional history, a clean break up...

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One Hour Karma

On Monday I was outside helping to bring the shopping carts back into the grocery store where I am employed, and I encountered a damsel in distress, looking frustrated, standing by her Mercedes Benz. She had locked herself out of her car, leaving her car key...

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A Light in the Tunnel

The first time I met Richard Bartee, whose alias was the ‘D’ Train Poet, I was riding a Manhattan subway. I noticed him right away. Big, black, and beautiful, he was busy breaking the unwritten, but widely adhered to, laws of the NYC underground: mind your own...

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