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How to Always Fly First Class on United

The customer service person for United Airlines last week was unusual, as she was laughing at my attempts at humor, playing around with me, not reading from a script, simply delightful. She also had a beautiful accent that was so pleasing to my ears. She was...

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Why It Pays to be Multi-Lingual

I was doing a keynote on the healing power of music at a Mind, Body & Spirit Conference in Spokane, Washington. The Exhibit Hall outside the conference rooms was a thriving marketplace, complete with psychics, healers, and crystal salespeople offering their wares...

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Can You Be Happy and ‘Right’ at the Same Time? (Yes!)

In a mother's womb were two babies having an argument. Which one do you think is right? One asked the other: "Do you believe in life after delivery?" The other replies, "Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves...

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