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From Anti-Depressants to Pro-Joy

Earlier this year I arrived at the milestone of weaning myself off of anti-depressants. Here's why I no longer take them. It was being anti-anger and anti-sadness that was the cause behind my depression in the first place, and I grew weary of the wrestling match my...

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Don’t Search for Peace; Just Value It

When you value being peaceful more than you value avoiding pain or chasing pleasure, you will have peace. Noisy mind? Not a problem. Your heart will guide you to whatever training you need, whether it be mindfulness meditation or A Course in Miracles, and you will do...

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Turning your Critic into a Coach & Cheerleader

Have you ever tried treating your inner critic/self-doubting voice as if it were a member of your esteemed board of advisers? It works wonders for me! Here's how in five steps: 1. Awareness: Become aware of what the inner chatter is actually saying that is causing you...

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