Life Coaching, Guidance, & Healing through Tapping

At Your Service

I feel so honored to serve as a guide, coach, friend and healer for those on a journey of healing and awakening to their wholeness.


I adore helping individuals and couples release fear and blocks, go for their dreams, and create happy, harmonious relationships. My specialties are healing trauma,  inner critic and inner child healing, couples in crisis, preventive medicine for couples, falling in love with being single, Nonviolent Communication, EFT tapping, grief-work, saying no to what drains you, saying yes to what thrills you, and building an unconditional loving relationship with yourself and the universe.


I have been in training to serve others my whole life. I started both therapy and meditation, as well as A Course in Miracles in my teen age years, Since 1995 I have been coaching people. An insatiable student all my life. I spent the 1980’s taking every course I could grab offered by the people at the Loving Relationships Training. Starting in 1990 I have had a coach who has doubled as a therapist and a gifted intuitive.  I’ve also trained in Non Violent Communication for two decades, as well as taking courses and classes that teach tapping, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

As a gifted empath/intuitive/clairvoyant, i honed my psychic skills at the Aesclepion Intuitive Training Institute in San Rafael, CA.

I use it all to see, serve, and support you to be and feel your best.

How Do Sessions Happen?

Well, these days it’s mostly through the gift of virtual tools such as FaceTime or What’s App. Zoom or Skype is also possible. If you live in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico, you are most welcome to come to mi casa for an in person session. I love hugs!

What Might A Session Include?

At the beginning we establish safety and rapport. I listen. Not just with my ears, but with all my intuitive faculties. I tune in, empathize, and offer feedback and reflections. When people are ready for a shift, a jumpstart, I guide them to their own jumper cables through EFT tapping.  I usually offer some homework, suggestions and practices to support your transformation till we meet again.

How Long Do People Stay in a Coaching Relationship With Me?

Short term coaching can be helpful and meaningful, and often in just one session a big shift can take place. Yet often it takes some time to build trust so that significant and lasting changes can lock in and stick. We heal through building trust in relationship, not just a cutting edge tool or technique, like tapping. For this reason I offer incentive for those who pre-pay and commit to a block of sessions. Prices are as follows, payable by PayPal, Zelle, and probably other means as well.

  • 60 minute session: $180
  • 5 one hour sessions: $800 (Save $100, pre-paid, non-refundable)
  • 10 one hour sessions: $1,600 (Save $200 pre-paid, non-refundable)
  • To inquire, email Scott at or call 415-755-8140

“Scott, thank you so very much for such a powerful, healing, life changing experience!!!
I feel light and calm, which is 100% the opposite of what I was feeling at the beginning of our sessionI also feel excited about the possibilities that are opened up/are opening up as a result of shifting my energy with you!! I also feel a bit tired, in a good way of feeling tired, and I know that is my body processing all the amazing work we did together including all the messages that you channeled for me (I didn’t know what to expect in regards to this and it was by far one of the best experiences I have had: it validated those couple of other times that I have gotten messages of these sort but that I didn’t quite know what to do with them or if to even believe them and you just confirmed everything for me). I will for sure forward your information to those I love and care for (especially those who drive me the most crazy ha)!!!  The song at the end was truly the cherry on top and it definitely got downloaded in every cell of my body!!”

-Yola, NYC

“I left our wonderful session feeling so peaceful. I laughed so much & cried…good cry. I keep re-reading the notes I took during the session.The song that you created for me was so beautiful, so true and affirming. I can’t write much more now because I’m still high on your song… I truly think it was a life-changer. God bless you, Scott.”
– Pat Valles, Retired Teacher, Staten Island

“Talk about lather, rinse, and repeat! I just repeated the two tapping sessions we have done so far and it is amazing the relief and “good vibrations” I felt once I was done with each of them. It was as if I had done them for the first time.  One of them even brought me to tears! The same with the songs! — I will continue doing them daily and enjoying the shifting and healing process as a result. The way you explain things, relay messages from guides and then put them into perspective is a healing all on its own, but then you combine it with EFT and your healing song and take it to a whole other level!  Thank you again for bringing clarity, insight, and hope to hush down my fears, and melt them away, one step at a time!”

-Y. Mehmeti, Queens, NY

” My experience of a session was, well, AMAZING is an understatement! I understand from my research that music is very healing because it touches the soul. Well, the song that Scott created for me sure touched my soul! What surprised me was that results were so immediate. Shortly after my session I felt lighter as if I had let go of some burden. I could breathe more easily and ENJOY my life better. I could think more clearly as well. So, after having had this experience I signed up with Scott for an paid hour session. Nothing less than FABULOUS! FABULOUS! FABULOUS! I cleared so many blocks so quickly and am now moving forward with my goals with confidence. I found Scott to be very insightful, empathetic, and trustworthy.”
-Rita Goldenberg BA MEd, Educator, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I haven’t felt so deeply seen or touched on so many levels at once for a long time. Perhaps ever in my adult life. My heart is still buzzing and I feel like I’ve gracefully shifted back to a way of being that I’d lost touch with, a state of ease, joy, spontaneity and, yes, humor!”
-Michael Boyd, United Kingdom

“Scott,  it was easy for me to trust you – you made it easy.  You tuned into me so well in every way. You were present and open to what wanted to happen and to come through.  Our time together was just plain wonderful.”
-Nicola Amadora, Santa Cruz

“Scott helped me through a difficult communication challenge at work with my boss. The specific tools he taught me were perfect for resolving the situation and I have continued to use them more and more successfully in other situations. Scott has an enormous capacity to create emotional safety and trust very quickly and gracefully. He also has a masterful handle on using and teaching Nonviolent Communication skills. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help getting through a difficulty or is ready to take their next step in achieving their goals.”
~ Susan S, Novato, CA

“By the time our hour of coaching was up, I seemed to have shifted into a completely new mindset. Within a few days I found myself spontaneously feeding parts of myself that had been starved for attention for the past nine months. I started exercising regularly, eating healthier, playing my guitar and singing again………I felt like a new man! Of couse, I still have my human issues, but I am now able to observe them and be aware of them without letting them overwhelm me and my self-esteem. Scott, I’m not sure what you did or how you did it, but I thank you from the depths of my being!”
– David T, Quackertown PA

“My session with you was just perfect, refreshing, exactly what I needed. I came to you Scott, because you are happy, healthy and honest – and because you work on yourself with the same diligence I work on myself. I gave myself the gift and the lift I knew I needed, through you. We all know inside what we need and we choose the people who can give us that. Thanks for being my vessel”
-Charise D, Spring Valley, NY

“Scott, your coaching, along with your healing songs at the end of each session, has helped in my business and my life more than I can say. Bless you for all the years of inspiration and emotional nourishment you have given me. Thank you!”

– Terry Brussel Phd, CCHt
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

“My session with you was simply delightful. It appears to have unplugged something as I can feel the flow returning.  You helped get a keener perspective on the magnitude and process of change I have undertaken. I really resonated with your country music and heavy metal metaphor. It was really good to be reminded that the space is really fertile and to be patient and trusting. Love your humor, your spontaneity and your music. Thank you again my friend.”

-Malabika Shaw
Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Boston, MA

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