“Scott accomplished more in a three hour workshop than most therapists achieve in three years.”
~ Sheila Abrams, School-Teacher, Huntington Station, NY

Scott offers many different workshops. Here are a few…

The Song Circle is an opportunity for a group of people to gather to share the experience of receiving SONG PORTRAITS ~ intuited personal songs, born in the moment with voice and guitar, and meaningful to each individual’s unique journey in life. The song can offer support for a difficult challenge, or bring a sense of celebration to an accomplishment. A Song Portrait can be about what you are wanting to achieve, and can help you feel positive and focused on your goal. Others choose to receive a song that assists in loving themselves more fully, or even choose a song to celebrate someone who is not in the room.

People are encouraged to bring their phones to record their song.

You do not have to receive a song to attend a Song Circle. You can be there to enjoy and soak up all the positive energy in the room.

The Greatest Love of All is a workshop on learning to love, honor and marry yourself for life. Scott shares both the art and the science of increasing self-love, and gently, powerfully and humorously inspires people to abandon the self-abandonment that has been programmed into everyone in the culture. It is filled with music, laughter, inspiration, and practical tools and practices that you will take home for further expansion and development of the most important love relationship you will ever have – the one with yourself!

Where Spirit & Relationships Meet is a workshop celebrating the joys, challenges, and personal growth opportunities of love relationships. This workshop is designed to support anyone preparing for a relationship, facing challenges in a relationship, or recuperating from a relationship! It is filled with songs, stories, processes, tools, and heart-centered wisdom for the spiritual voyage that relation-ship entails.

Say Yes To Your Dreams is a workshop on finding your passion, living your purpose, and discovering ways to do what you love and get paid lucratively for it. Scott shares songs, inspiration from his own journey, tools and technologies that help you empower yourself to take action on behalf of your dreams.

Teach Me How To Love contains practices, exercises, humor, wisdom, and songs that support the healing, opening, and awakening of the heart so that we can ever more deeply let ourselves love and be loved.

From Courtroom To Playground offers expert coaching on how to lighten up in life; how to release the inner critic that experiences life as a courtroom, and how to set free that playful child within who naturally perceives the earth as a huge playground.

Manifesting with Ease is all about letting go of old beliefs that create struggle and scarcity and allowing ease to be your compass and guiding light. Come spend some time with Scott as he expertly and humorously encourages us to stop paddling madly against the flow and start going with the current towards our wildest dreams.

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