Song Portraits Process

There are questions you answer for each kind of Song Portrait.

Here Are Some of the Questions for a Mona Lisa Song Portrait

What makes them special that you celebrate about them?

What do you think they are most proud of? What are you most proud of them?

What do you know of their hopes and dreams for their future?

What are a few of the highlights of their past, things from their history that have impacted their life?

What do they find funny? Everyone has a unique sense of humor. Please give me a peek into theirs.

There are others. I will email you the rest. And of course, the questions are different for the Eulogy Mona Lisa, the Relationship Mona Lisa, and the others.

After I get your answers in bullet points from you, I get to work on crafting the song. It’s ideal to give me a few weeks, or even a month of advanced notice, as my schedule might be full, and I enjoy doing this best in an unhurried manner. I’ll email you the lyrics, and you will have a chance to review them and give me feedback until it is so right that you feel certain it will be one of the best presents they ever received. Then I record it and email it to you.

End of story, unless you want some additional services, like me showing up and singing it to your loved one live, or via Skype, phone, or FaceTime. You also have a choice to upgrade to the highest sound quality, where I record it at a state of the art recording studio, with a sound engineer and producer. Ask me about pricing for these add-ons.

Song Portraits can be arranged for birthdays, eulogies, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, businesses, websites, non-profits, causes, babies, and children. You can even have a Selfie Song Portrait!

You can start the process by making payment for the song, emailing me at or calling me at (415) 755-8140 to discuss it.

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