Yesterday a homeless man asked me for some money to buy some food.

I said no, but I’d be happy to go into the store he was in front of and get him an apple.

He thanked me, but looked a little disappointed.

When I came out with the macintosh, he was gone.

I watched my mind jump to conclusions, making the assumption that what he really wanted was his next beer.

My mind, always hooked up to 5G High Speed Judgment, instantly found him as less worthy of my love and respect because he wanted a beer rather than an apple.

It was I that had eaten a bad apple, partaking from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Aren’t we all hungry for the same thing?

And who among us hasn’t confused coping strategies for true nourishment?

Let he who is without coping strategies cast the first stone.

Next time a brother asks me for love in the only form he knows how to receive it, I will buy him a beer.

And in that gift, I am giving love to myself.

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