Scott was always a brilliant, spontaneous, endlessly creative troublemaker while growing up. Now people pay him for it. Go figure!

Scott's Mom

WARNING:  Scott Grace, who has been described as a cross between John Denver, Robin Williams and Dr. Seuss, is wanted by the authorities for creating the peace, as well as defying the law of gravity with levity.

Contact with Scott is likely to be hazardous to your misery, as he has provoked outbreaks of joy in four out of five laboratory humans.

Scott gives talks using a stolen identity, a.k.a. the Spiritual Dr. Seuss. His feel good viruses on YouTube have infected over 2.5 million people with just four of his Seussian videos.

Scott has been known to practice life coaching without a license, eluding the police by working over the phone, Zoom, or FaceTime. He fancies himself an intuitive, and smuggles wisdom and guidance over the border from beings he calls spirit guides, who are also not licensed, and who have allegedly not filed a tax return in several lifetimes.

As a front, Scott does do various legal, above the board activities. He has three books up on Amazon.

Scott also has recorded nine CD’s and a DVD of his original music and comedy. He presents as a guest speaker and singer at churches, non-profits, schools, and corporate events. As an occasional stand up comedian in the Bay Area, he has shared the stage with Dana Carvey and Robin Williams.

But don’t be fooled. His rampage of Song Portraits, custom made personalized song-gifts that honor people for their birthdays, anniversaries, or for no reason at all, have been killing people softly with their song since 1987.

Authorities would very much like your help in apprehending Scott. Try catching him on the web at, or on YouTube at:

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