Your life is an opportunity to have more and more Oh God moments. But how many do you allow, and how many do you resist? 

How much love, joy, money, laughter and inner peace can you tolerate before your ego kicks in and says, consciously or unconsciously, “Enough already!” 

Gay and Kathleen Hendricks articulated the notion of a happiness threshold that we all deal with, what they called reaching your Upper Limits. For centuries, it was pioneering for governments to give people the freedom to pursue happiness. I say, “Enough already!” Nobody needs to pursue happiness. It’s about learning to allow happiness. 

May this tapping help you tolerate more joy, love, laughter, peace, and happiness: Going Beyond Your Joy Threshold

And now, without further a doo-doo, here is what has been on my mind and on my Facebook Page ( recently:

The Flaw of Attraction

Self-blame sucks, and I hate the way some spiritual circles perpetuate it with the”You Create Your Own Reality” conversation.

Yes, you are powerful beyond measure, but the question is which ‘you’ are we referring to, your ego or your soul?

This is a Major Misunderstanding in New Age and New Thought teachings. The mistake is believing that we as personalities are actually responsible for creating what happens in our life, that our conscious thoughts and attitudes draw either positive or negative experiences, riches or poverty into our lives.

This kind of thinking is very empowering for awhile. It lifts us out of victim mentality. And practicing thinking positive thoughts and intentionally choosing happier perspectives makes us happier campers. I’m all for it. Our vibrations, positive intentions, attitudes and thoughts are helpful in helping us feel great, That’s its own reward. And when we feel great, groovy things tend to happen more often.

But at some point whatever once served to move us forward becomes a stumbling block.

Yesterday’s amazing life changing insight is today’s dogma.

I’m at the point where positive thinking and imagining successful outcomes is now another form of my ego’s control trip, a strategy that helps me both avoid facing difficult feelings, and also facing and embracing a deeper level of trust, trusting that all is well all of the time, that everything that happens is here to help me., and that there are many mysteries going on here that can’t be explained by Abraham Hicks and the wondrous Law of Attraction.

Isn’t it funny that as a young man, Kenny Loggins made millions of dollars singing “even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you honey, etc.’ Elton John got rich singing Your Song, which included a lyric explaining, “I don’t have much money,” etc.

Well, at least I think its funny.

We all are aware of assholes loaded with fear and anger, and who are also loaded with millions of dollars.

There are also plenty of men and women who are very evolved, kind hearted positive thinking folks with little in their bank account. Some have no bank account at all. But you can bank on them being accountable to making generous deposits each day to their All Is Wells Fargo savings account. These wise souls are heavily invested in mutual fun and, because they let the good vibrations build up, their treasures compound, and their interest appreciates.

(Note to self: enough already with the financial puns. It’s diminishing this writing in value.)

As adults, we are response- able for how we respond to life circumstances, but we are not really in control of what comes knocking on our door.

I have come to understand that our significant life challenges are designed by our soul, in partnership with our guides and angelic companions, before our birth, always for our highest good and greatest learning and teaching opportunities.

A Course in Miracles reminds us, “The script is already written.”

Our free will comes in handy for learning to respond to things with love, rather than react with fear.

With all due respect to Abraham Hicks, the lottery is not won by the most powerful positively focused visualizer, and someone does not get raped because they have attracted it with negative thoughts and low vibrations.

Let’s take responsibility for putting to rest self-blame once and for all. May it rest in peace.

I, Scott Grace, adore helping people release self-blame and come into harmony with who they truly are. Email me if you might be curious about receiving some support.

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