Song Portraits Testimonials

“I wanted to give my amazing wife a birthday present. I listened and viewed some of Scott’s songs on YouTube and thought that it would be an ideal present. From the moment I contacted him, Scott was so helpful with guiding me to provide a concise yet informative bio of Annie’s life. On the day he called via FaceTime and sang the birthday song live to her with members of my family present to witness this beautiful moment. Annie was so deeply touched and everyone was amazed at Scott’s creative ability. It was a very special present which we now have permanently in our computer. Thank you Scott”

– John Campbell, Song Portrait Giver, England

“I knew my husband was up to something when he insisted on staying up late one night saying he had some work to do. We always go to bed together so this was strange. Little did I know that he was sending details of my life to Scott Grace for a very special birthday present. On my birthday we had a small family gathering and suddenly there was a FaceTime call for me from Scott from the States. The song was so beautiful it brought me to tears – tears of joy. It was the most unusual present I’ve ever received and I now have it in my archives and play it often. Thank you for the joy you spread Scott”

– Dr Anne Moir, Song Portrait Receiver, England

“Scott, the song portrait you crafted for Barb stands out as one of the most memorable and healing experiences of my life.”
  ~ Larry Anderson, Arden, North Carolina

‘Thank you. You gave me the universe in a song. Phrase by phrase, over and over, deeper into my being this song-beacon becomes. I will forever play it as the lullaby of my soul.’
~ Verna Tweddale, Ambler, PA

“My mom couldn’t stop laughing (and tearing up) when she heard your wonderful song. She intends to hang a poster-sized version of the lyrics in her apartment. I can’t tell you how much we both appreciate it. It meant the world to us, and I feel blessed to have been able to share it with her. What an incredible gift. Thank you for all the joy you’ve brought into her life – and my own.”
– Beth Gerber, San Rafael

“Thank you so much for helping me and my siblings create a memorable song for our Dad’s big birthday – he LOVED it! And we all loved the process too.  Your patience, warmth, support, in addition to your creative and musical expertise helped make it a very memorable birthday present.”
– Melissa J, Fairfax, CA

“Scott Grace is the rarest of gems. He does what he calls Song Portraits, like nobody I’ve ever seen before… nobody in life, nobody on TV, nobody anywhere. After hearing my story, he created a unique song that had everyone, myself included, in tears. He’s a deeply empathetic listener. And then there is a lightning flash of inspiration and his fingers are already moving on the strings. His portraits seem to be channeled because they flow through him so readily… so quickly that it seems impossible that he would be fully aware of what he’s creating! And yet, the mesmerizing experience was one of being truly heard, honored, and mirrored back in song. It is fascinating how he moves emotion to such depth and breadth. Pure genius!”

– Raye Martin, Napa, CA

“Like a gift, the words just come to Scott Grace…flowing through him in the moment in which they are created. All that’s needed is a subject, an ear to hear and then a spark of musical vision. Then comes a song, a healing, an inspiration, a gift…not just from Scott and his voice, but from a devoted singer and his heart.”
~Jim Ellis, Music Reviewer, San Diego

“Scott’s Song Portraits are one of the most significant healing tools I have ever come across. The combination of music with details that honor a person’s unique life goes deep into the subconscious to help joyfully release old patterns.”
~ Dr. Stephen Feig, Physician, Santa Cruz, CA

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