When I was a young man I went to a famous psychic for an overview of my life and my life purpose. First thing he said stayed with me for forty years. I’ve wrestled with it, argued with it, and finally relaxed and surrendered into seeing things that way.

He said, “It looks like you and I have a difference of opinion here. I see that you perceive your life as a series of losses and failures. I see it as a series of completions and victories. I know your ego has gotten very comfortable making yourself and God wrong. But your soul’s agenda was very clearly mapped out before your birth, and it is being followed to the letter. Your job is to stop listening to your ego’s version of your life story and trust the perfection of your soul’s intentions are being fulfilled.”

Could that be true for you too? Could that be true for all of us? What do you have to lose by seeing yourself and your life this way?

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