I ran into my professional twin on the internet. He did what I did, crafting custom-made songs to honor people. Like I did, he created songs for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, businesses, funerals, and many more scenarios where a song could touch hearts. 

Several things besides the fact that he was my twin blew my mind. 

Asking people who know well what I do to visit him and listen to his samples, they all said that his stuff didn’t come close to the ways that I crafted songs. I did not ask for comparisons, but they were abundantly given.

And why was I blown away?

1. This man charges $10,000 a song. I had been charging $500 for a killer tune. I’d record it at Tom Finch Recording Studio, and Tom would play two tracks of guitar. I love playing guitar, but Tom is a wizard and I love how the tunes come out with his mastery behind them. So my twin, Tiamo, helped me see that I had been sitting on my assets, dramatically undervaluing myself and undercharging for my creations. People pay big money for jewels and cars and such, and having a song that touches your heart for the rest of your life is so in that ball bark if not deeper and sweeter, certainly a one of a kind gift. I put myself in the hearts and minds of people who have had song portraits and have sent me kind words.

Read Testimonials Here

I read just a few of those words and took them in at a deeper level, then came up with a new price. I couldn’t sit right with $10, 000, but I did find out something I was comfortable with. Honestly, I am not comfortable with it yet, but I trust I’ll grow into it eventually. I came up with $1,997. I’ll grow into it! 

I also am offering for people on my email list a special till the end of the year. You can get a song at my old price of $500 till the end of this year, 2021. So if you have ever considered getting a Song Portrait, now’s the time. Or at least soon.

If you are curious to check out my twin, go to Scott’s Twin

FAQ About Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Song Portraits, But Were Afraid to Ask

A Sample Song Portrait  (an oldie but goody with me playing guitar)

A Sample Business Song Portrait with Tom Finch playing guitar 

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