Werner Erhard was quoted as saying, “The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.” I am aware that this interview might trigger some anger in you, as you release your victim consciousness in regards to Covid 19. Just stay with your feelings as I begin what could be the world’s first and only interview with the Corona Virus.

But first, a quote from A Course in Miracles to provide context.

“It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters, and circumstances are helpful. “

  • A Course in Miracles

Scott: Well, my first question is why me? Why did you come and why are you willing to be interviewed by me?

The Coronavirus: Because of your willingness to see us as not as a bad thing, but as a doorway to healing and awakening. Anyone who entertains the willingness to see us as a blessing, well, then, that opens the door to the truth, the doorway that might first piss you off, but then shall set you free.

Scott: Well, then, what do you feel are the most important words humanity can hear from you at this time.

The Coronavirus: Our fellow angels, we are not here to bring fear or darkness to any of you, although we realize that that might be your first reaction. We are here to help you awaken. We are to hear to help humankind heal from fear, deceit and darkness that already exists below the surface. We ask that you take some time to feel your fear response, since you can only feel what you are willing to heal. As you feel, so you heal.

Scott: Why is it so hard for us humans to feel?

The Coronavirus: Because you have been trained to go straight up to your heads to tell and believe the story fear plays in your head. And that story is that you are doomed. Our response to that is you are not doomed. You are set free by your willingness to feel your fears. Let us take your biggest fear as an example. For many of you your biggest fear is your fear of death. Another way of calling fear out is that it is related to your fear of losing control. Death is the ultimate loss of control. And, yet, as our friend and fellow angel Emmanuel said in his first book, “Death is like taking off a tight shoe.”

Another thing about death that humans find hard to believe is that nobody dies without their consent, without asking on a deep level, a soul level, for release from their physical experience. Everyone who dies has been asking to be freed from their physical vessels. Your not being aware of this is living testimony of how unaware you are of your eternal souls. And we understand that being presented with such a statement can piss you off. We would ask that you meditate on the fact that you are an ageless soul in a human vehicle, and that as a soul, you are never a victim. Never ever. That is why we, the Coronavirus, are an angel. We are here to free a bunch of you from your human vehicles. Because you have been asking to be released. Not necessarily from your bodies, but from your fear. We are also here to shake you up, because you have been asking to be awakened. Alas, shock is the only way many of you will accept an awakening. Shock is your first reaction to what we would call being awakened to the soul level of existence.

Scott: Why does your words seem so harsh to me, like you are seeking to piss me off?

The Coronavirus: Because you have been taught, programmed on a deeply personal level, to believe you are bodies, vulnerable to germs and viruses, to bullets and malignancies that scare you. When you identify with yourself as a body, it’s as if you put on a spacesuit that helps you acclimate to being out in space, but then you become lost in space when you begin to identify with your spacesuits. Look at your words: I am worried. I am angry. I am dying. You do no such things. You have been taught to identify with your spacesuits. What a meditation practice does is to reactivate your memory of self as a soul. And what you might find difficult to imagine is an angel you know as the coronavirus has come hear to pry your awareness free from yourself as a body and help you remember yourself as an angel, just like us. And the way to activate your memory as an angel and de-activate your memory of being simply a body is to love each other.

Think of yourself as a cassette recorder that has been stuck on Fast Forward. You have just been forced to be in the Pause position against the will of your personality. Your soul does not mind pausing. But your ego hates it. For your ego to pause and reflect is a very hard thing. And that is what we as Corona are asking you to do. And we are not just asking, we are demanding. You do not have choice. You must pause.

Scott: But it seems like society is demanding us to isolate, to be afraid. How can we remember to be loving in times that tend to be so fearful?

Coronavirus: By remembering the there are folks that are always more fearful than you are, and to reach out to help them. Send cards, emails, flowers, FaceTime and telephone and Zoom those you love and tell them you love them, that you care, and then listen to what they are going through. Let them know you are there for them, by listening to their fears. No fixing or suggestions to make their fears go away. Just listen. It’s so healing. Know that while our culture might be asking your body to isolate, your souls are free to reach out to love and care for each other. When you do this love thing, you start to identify with the freedom of your souls, instead of the isolation and separation of your bodies. And then you start to understand that the Coronavirus is not hear to isolate you, but to join you with other souls.We are also here to connect countries, to replace competition with joining, Countries are being asked to share resources and overcome a planetary challenge. Countries are being asked to end the narcissistic stage of adolescence and to grow up. All of this is exciting stuff, and while not all of you are up for this challenge, many of you will be. And that is a grand thing.

Scott: If seems like this interview is coming to an end. Any closing words?

Coronavirus: This is not an end, but a true beginning. What the fearful caterpillar self calls the end of a world, the evolved soul calls a butterfly. Be a voice for humanity’s evolution. Everything is going to be perfectly OK. More than OK. Have fun with these changes. They are not here to hurt, but to liberate you. All is well.

Interview is by Scott Grace, www.scottsongs.com


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