My journey with love has involved five stages that I imagine most folks can relate to, or use as a map to further your journey.

1. SEEKING: I am a love seeker. Love is outside of me. It’s in one special other person and if I find and keep that person I can have love in my life. As my friend Swami Beyondananda is fond of saying, “There’s a seeker born every minute!”

2. INQUIRY: I have become aware have I have a treasure chest of fears and stories that I’ve been treasuring that keep me from feeling safe, open and receptive to love. Stories like, “I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, lovable, desirable, etc. The fears and stories have been running things behind the scenes, and I have denied that I have them, but I am beginning the healing process by looking within and being honest about them.

3. CHANGES: I take actions and risks that challenge my fears, offer them up, and bring them to the light. I am shaking things up, and waking up too. I am waking up to the truth that love is everywhere, especially inside myself!

4. SOURCING LOVE: I am becoming a love generator, rather than a love seeker, and the world begins to shower me with the love that I already am giving myself and radiating outwards.

5. ICING ON THE CAKE: A romantic partner, if that is something meant to be part of my life path, shows up, not to make me happy, but to share in the happiness I already am generating.

It is interesting to apply these stages to one’s relationship with money. Try replacing the word love with money….

Have FUN!

Scott Grace,, serves human beings making the transition from fear to love through life coaching, Song Portraits, speaking, comedy, and sharing the leaves of a mysterious tree in Indonesia which is in the coffee family, but is more like coffee that has meditated for twenty years and taken loads of personal growth workshops. It stimulates the pineal gland rather than the adrenals, but still gives energy and uplift. Find out a bit more at: Scott’s Mysterious Plant

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