“We don’t realize the big secret in our midst – which isn’t how little power we have to change things, but rather how much power we have that we aren’t using! We’re like birds that were never informed, or have forgotten, we have wings.”
– Marianne Williamson

Lately I’ve counseled several people who were quite dis-couraged (removed from their courage) by what is going down on the planet these days. Depression currently exists in epidemic proportions and many of us have lost our hope for humanity, our future and for the earth.

I have not.

I have discovered something that gets me bouncing me out of bed in the morning without a need for caffeine and fills me with joy and enthusiasm all day long. It’s a safe and natural alternative to Prozac, and Viagra as well. It gets me up, inspired and ready for action, 24/7. Its potency is off the charts, and now so is mine.

It’s not a pill, however. It’s a point of view.

My point of perception is that I am an honorable member of God’s Reconstruction Team, here on a lifelong mission and sexual position to penetrate the world with love. That’s my viewpoint, and I’m sticking to it. I used to worry that it was arrogant, and that I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. Then I immersed myself in the study of A Course In Miracles, which points out, “Without you, God’s Plan would be incomplete.”

Now I understand that I actually am recovering from delusions of impotence.

I once lived in New Jersey by a well-traveled road. One winter day there was a huge storm, and the cars right outside my home were gridlocked for many hours, not moving an inch. This was before the days of cell phones and laptops, and the drivers had plenty of time on their hands. I left the shelter of my house to observe the variety of responses to their situation. Some spent the entire time grumbling their grievances, stressing the stress of their missed appointments, clutching their powerless steering wheels, never accepting, always at war with their predicament. Others surrendered and got out of their cars to greet their new neighbors, making the best of things, laughing together at their shared helplessness. Children got out and played in the snow, blustery chaos a treasured playground.

A few people went from car to car to take orders for coffee and snacks. They braved the elements to walk an eighth of a mile up the road to the 7/11, and then graciously delivered the goods to their fellow stranded motorists. I noticed that the ones choosing to serve were enthusiastic and happy. The external temperature didn’t bring down their internal thermometers. They got it up for life, radiating the warmth of their love, dispelling the frigidity around them.

The day the Twin Towers went down I was glued to the television, like so many of us, trembling and weeping for our world. Later in the afternoon I wrenched myself away from the small screen and tried to tune into the bigger picture.

After some moments in the silence I heard my inner guidance say, “This event is an evolutionary quickening, bringing about an increase of both the dark and the light. Be of good courage. You came here for these times. Despite the tumult, the choice before everyone remains abundantly simple and abundantly clear: Love or fear. The media will mostly report and distort the reasons to fear, supplying the drugs for those with an adrenaline habit. You needn’t go there, and don’t curse those who still believe that attack will make them safe. Light your candle and find others who are illuminating the earth with love. Focus on the building of a new consciousness and a new world, even as this old one stumbles and falls. Be a stand for personal and planetary healing and you will live in the warmth of your loving no matter how frigid the climate around you.”

That was 9/11. The TWIN TOWERS. And now we have Trump Towers. Never mind. All ego structures will fall, eventually.

This is not summer vacation time on classroom earth. The curriculum is demanding, the lessons intense. The most fearful and aggressive people seem to have the most power. Certainly they have the most volume, being given a large megaphone by the media.

Is cheerfulness these days synonymous with denial? Are hope and optimism opiates for those with a lack of intelligence and an abundance of naivety? Will the meek really inherit the earth, and if so, where are they hiding? Ringo Starr has a CD called Choose Love. Could he be on to something, or did our beloved Ringo do too many drugs in the last millennium?

Humanity is at a fork in the road. What will we choose as a species? We’ve got some pretty big toys that can blow each other up in an afternoon. If we don’t raise our emotional maturity to match our advances in technology we might not be around much longer. Everybody on earth is aware of that on some level. We know the stakes are high.

It’s easy to lose heart, or to close the heart to protect it from the rawness of grief and pain. But as Yoda said to Anakin in a Star Wars movie, “The fear of loss is a sure path to the dark side.” Anakin’s refusal to experience loss and face his grief led to the construction of Darth Vader: a black mask and armoring around his true heart.

Take heart, fellow Jedi’s. It’s an honor to serve, and even our tears are a part of our contribution, so long as they do not come from believing we are powerless. Let’s revel in what we can do. We can do small things with great love each day, letting go of any attachment to outcome. Was Martin Luther King discouraged because he might not see his dream made manifest in his lifetime? I don’t think so. Planting the seeds and growing a dream is fulfillment enough, in and of itself.

It is a joy to serve God, but it is very stressful to play God.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of a man who encounters a lady on the beach. She is picking up starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean after a storm had dumped millions of them onto the shore. Her behavior is disturbing to him, as it holds up a mirror to his feelings of impotency. “Look around you! How can you feel what you’re doing matters, saving just a few, in the face of such overwhelming tragedy?” “It mattered to that one,” she replies as she happily tosses another starfish into the sea.

To curse the darkness when you could be lighting a candle (or saving a starfish) is quite a waste of vital life energy. To put it bluntly, it’s time for all of us to get it up – for God, each other, and our planet. It may be our darkest hour, but some of us can see dawn coming, and there’s truly something beautiful on the horizon- a new world waiting to be conceived and birthed. Your heat, your potency, your hands and heart are needed. And it is quite a pleasure to serve.

Scott Grace can help. His coaching sessions are powerful interventions when you are down, stuck, or just needing some support. Contact him at scott@scottsongs.com.

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