Let’s talk about puritans and what they brought to the new world, which is rapidly becoming the old world.

Do you value working hard just for the sake of hard work? Does it give you self-worth? If you stopped working hard, could you love yourself as you are? Can you play hard and rest and recreate well, or is balance something you can use some help with?

Well, there just might be some potent help in this here post today. Especially if you are willing to tap.

My daughter recently used the word ‘lazy” when describing her desire to stay in bed a few extra minutes.

Lazy is a word used to judge our human needs for rest, recreation, replenishment, and relaxing.

When my daughter used the word, I sensed it was filled with with affection and self -acceptance, but more often then not, when we adults use that word we are judging ourselves harshly for going against the Puritan Work Ethic.

The Puritans came to the Americas to escape persecution over in European countries, and practice religious freedom. You know the kind of freedom, the freedom to feel separate and unworthy of God’s Love, the freedom to feel guilty for original sin, whatever the hell that is.. And the freedom to work our fingers to the bone to atone for our inherent badness.

One recent Sunday at Unity of Marin I led a workshop all about this stuff. Certain EFT tapping segments were recorded so you can tap along.

Here is a group tapping we did on releasing the Puritan Work Ethic:

And for those who want to go deeper….Someone was kind enough to give me permission to allow their very intimate and individual process during the workshop be recorded so we can all heal by following and tapping along. The conversation started about releasing back pain by letting our feminine energy come into balance with our masculine so our personal ego power is not the only energy holding us up and having our back. It ended up being about letting in Spirit, especially the feminine aspect of the Universe (Goddess), to hold us, guide us, and maybe even take the driver seat in our lives, so we don’t have to push ourselves so hard and pull ourselves with our own bootstraps.

This was perhaps one one the most powerful group tapping sessions I was honored to offer.

I am so grateful this was recorded so we all can benefit from it, physical  pain or not. It can help put your trust and faith in the drivers seat, release the emergency brake, and help you stop clutching the steering wheel so much. It’s such a smoother ride when you upgrade to Higher Power Steering…OK, enough puns… let’s tap!


And, of course, the perfect video to wash this all down with would be my absolute favorite of my this Spiritual Dr. Seuss piece on ease. It will leave you in a peaceful, giddy, and playful state. If not, call my office and I will gladly refund your money.

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