I’ve walked on eggshells for much of my life.

To avoid punishment. To please a partner. To appease my inner critic. To get people to like me.


The United States of America was founded by people breaking the eggshells they were told they must walk upon.

People in rigid spiritual or religious approaches to life worship their eggshells. They believe those eggshells are sacred, and bring them closer to God.

Jesus came to break some eggshells. Perhaps you and I came for the same purpose.

Eggshells do create a sense of safety. And for a while we might thrive within those structures.

But eventually they become a prison.

Dancing on those eggshells brings a taste of freedom.

Dancing hard enough to hear them break under your feet creates a personal revolution.

The sound of egghsells breaking beneath your feet is the music of your soul breaking free from the confines of it’s shell.

What are your eggshells? Are they serving you, or are you ready to hear them crush into a million pieces?

When it comes to eggshells, you can’t be nice and polite if you want freedom.

You have to break free. Like a baby bird pecking out of it’s shell.

You were born to fly. But you may need to do a bit of pecking first.

I did a tapping session with a courageous, passionate client, the kind of student where it is obvious I am learning as much from her as she is from me, if not more.

She let me record it and share it with the world on YouTube for others to receive benefit.

It’s called: Letting Go of Walking on Eggshells

Before you click and tap along, think of the limiting beliefs, rules and regulations you are currently living under. It doesn’t matter if they were given to you by your parents, religion, society, or your own inner critic.

If it feels like it’s time for your own revolution, for declaring your independence from your own inner tyranny, then let’s break some eggshells together. Tap along here: Letting Go of Walking on Eggshells

With Love,
Scott G

Scott Grace serves through life coaching, custom made Song Portraits to honor someone you love, speaking, singing, etc. You can find out more at: www.scottsongs.com He also delights in sharing the leaves of a mysterious tree in Indonesia which is in the coffee family, but is more like coffee that has meditated for twenty years and taken loads of personal growth workshops. It stimulates the pineal gland rather than the adrenals, but still gives energy and uplift. Find out a bit more at: Scott’s Mysterious Plant

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