This morning I had business with the DMV. Had to go to their office. What’s your first reaction if you were in my shoes? Would you think that a trip to the DMV sucks? You are not alone.

I got there at 7:30 AM, a half hour before they opened. as I have found that’s the best way to go about it, to be in and out the quickest.

I also brought my guitar to have some fun.

I told the other people waiting in line that the DMV had hired me to entertain while they were outside to make their DMV experience more festive and enjoyable. Then I had to add, “Just kidding,” cause by the looks on their faces none of them believed me. And I really was kidding.

But not about entertaining them.

I started with What’s Going On, by Marvin Gaye. My energy was warming up. Then came How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees. Getting hotter. By the time I got to Let’s Stay Together by Rev. Al Green, I was all revved up. I was still caucasian on the outside, but I didn’t feel it at all.

I love using the classics for foreplay. But I was ready for penetration.

I asked my captive audience for requests. Someone asked for One Love by Bob Marley and I complied. Lots of smiles, even some applause, even a little singing along on the chorus. Another asked for Frank Sinatra. So I did, New York, New York. Several older people on the line were tapping their toes.

After a few more requests I was ready to reach a climax.

I invited people to help me create a DMV blues song based on the things they found annoying about being there. I asked them to voice their gripes. One said poor service. Another, the long lines and waits. The disruption from their responsibilities. Complicated forms. Fees for everything. They had no trouble feeding me ideas.

I fed them back the DMV Blues, born in the moment, covering all their grievances, with grit to validate their pain and some humor to lighten it.

Oh, boy, was I having fun. I ended with some Cole Porter and the Beatles. It was 7:55 AM outside the DMV. Life was great.

But I had five minutes. And one more in me. So I encored with my cell phone parody song, I’ve Got The Whole World In My Phone, in which I poke fun at how we are all staring at our phones these days instead of connecting with each other. It makes people laugh and squirm a little. The perfect closer.

Soon the office opened. Soon I got to a window to conduct my business, only to find out that I wouldn’t be able to get that thing done till Monday the 25th.

That sucks, a part of me thought. But I had entered too much of the lighthearted joy vibration to give my power to that perception.

So often I think waiting in lines sucks. But what really sucks is being physically close to other people and tightly closed up, fixated on our phones, pretending to be separate, isolated.

What really sucks is when we think that we are ‘stuck’ in line, or ‘stuck’ in traffic, and not aware of our options and our creativity that can make it an enjoyable ride.

Are we ever really stuck in anything, except the prison of a mental and emotional construct that thinks we have to behave a certain way for a certain situation?

So let’s stop being stuck and letting life suck.

Enjoy your own company, and you avoid the wait. Enjoy your breathing. Make it extra deep and full, and all kinds of good things happen. Emotions can come up, and releasing them lightens you. I once went into a spontaneous breathing session on a NYC subway. I looked weird, so people gave me a lot of space, and I breathed out a chunk of fear and sadness.

Or maybe be the first one on a line to make contact with a fellow human. The one in front or behind you will do. You don’t need a guitar. Just some kindness. Some playfulness. A dash of daring.

I’m going back to the DMV in two weeks. Will I bring my guitar? You betcha!

Yes, I’ve got a goal, to complete my business with the DMV, but my real business is the process, not the destination…. the journey of getting to my goal – allowing it to be fun, rewarding, and maybe even touch a few hearts and souls along the way.

Being too goal oriented and taking the bullet train towards an outcome, is an attitude that gets in the way of sex, and it also blocks the way of a joyous life.

My first Spiritual Dr. Seuss Poem, Oh, The Places Your Ego Will Go, drives this point home:

While resting in peace you will soon be inspired

To go out in the world with some goals and desires

Desires that spring from your heart and your soul

And wherever they take you you’re going there whole

Cause your ego is now in the passenger seat

It lets down the window and takes in the treats

You’re not in a hurry you’re taking it slow

‘Cause the journey’s as rich as the places you’ll go

Where you are going you don’t need to know

For the journey’s as rich as the places you’ll go

The journey’s as rich as the places you’ll go

Scott Grace is a Life Coach who also creates custom made songs to honor someone you love. You can find out more at: He also delights in introducing people to the use of the leaves of a tree in Indonesia which is in the coffee family, but is more like coffee that has meditated for twenty years and taken loads of personal growth workshops. It stimulates the pineal gland rather than the adrenals, but still gives energy and uplift. Find out a bit more at: Scott’s Mysterious Plant

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