How are you?

I am well, getting better and brighter every day. (Thanks for asking.)

I give my coaching clients homework for between sessions. I love it. They love it. Everyone is happy.

Here’s an assignment for you. I call it “What’s the Story?”

For most of my life whenever I perceived that something went ‘wrong’, I’ve entertained the stories, “poor me” or “bad me”. Usually both. They especially came into full bloom whenever I felt lonely, whenever I perceived that I made a mistake, and whenever I felt hurt or disappointed. As I am closing in on sixty years old I, for the most part, I am telling much happier stories, and even better, sometimes I’m not telling any stories, just experiencing life with beginners mind and an open heart. What stories to you tell about yourself that contribute to suffering?

Can you boil them down to two words like I did? Also, what two words best describe your new story?

I’m having a story release party, and you are invited! It’s a Scottluck, so bring something to the table.

Please email me ( your homework. Everyone gets an “A”

I Feel Shitty

During the Memorial Day Weekend I was feeling lonely, a typical case of the “I’m all alone on a holiday blues”.

I noticed my ego was projecting loneliness into the future, imagining that this would be my state forever.

So I amplified, and exaggerated it, to the tune of West Side Story’s I Feel Pretty. It made me feel so much better. I dare you to sing it out loud:

I feel shitty, oh so shitty hello kitty I’m in a foul mood

And self-pity is my one and only attitude

I feel yucky oh so yucky what the fucky is going on here?

I’m so stucky, in the quicksand of my guilt and fear

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bla blah

See the shitty guy in the mirror there

How can such repulsiveness be?

Such a shitty face, such a shitty smile, such a shitty day, such a shitty life, such a shitty me!

I feel awful, yes, oh so awful, it’s unlawful how awful I feel

And so awful, I’ll need therapy for life to heal

(At this point I stopped writing and noticed how much better I felt, just from validating how shitty I felt. My whole mood had shifted dramatically as I had dramatized my feelings. I asked myself what just happened, and here came my answer…)

I’m forgiving, yes forgiving, I’m forgiving my living in pain

And I’m giving…. myself love instead of all this shame

I’ve awakened, no mistakin’, and I’ve shaken off all this crap

Now I’m takin’ me a much deserved joyful nap

La La La La La La La La!

The End (or shall I say, The Beginning!)

One More Treat

I’ve been reading Will Smith’s memoir, and I love it. It’s brutally honest. He’s very self-aware and disclosing about his shadow, how his abusive and violent past intrudes on his present. I certainly understand the slap at the Oscars better, not that I condone it.

Reading about his days as a rapper, I remembered that in the early 1980’s, one of my first songs I ever wrote was a rap song. And I actually remembered two out of the three versus. It’s full of dark humor, but you might get a kick out of it. I did. It certainly is a time capsule from my adolescent past life.

Let me know if you laugh, gag, smile, judge, get offended, or whatever.

A Man of the Eighties (By Scott Grace, age 19)

A man once said “Hey, Scott aren’t you gay, Scott?

You seem on the feminine side”

I said “Yes, I feel my feelings and participate in healings

But I’m not that kind of guy

I love Uncle Sam and I have a diaphragm in case I meet Ms. Right

I masturbate no guilt and leave come stains on the quilt

And listen to Dr. Ruth at night

Cause I’m a man of the 80’s, I sure do love the ladies

They dominate my fantasies

And though I’d choose my VCR over the singles bars

Don’t you doubt my masculinity

I got me a secret and I think I’m gonna leak it

How to make it these days with the gals

Just act like nerd and trip over your words

And say you’d like to be their best pal

If they think you’re a virgin their libido will be urgent

And then my friend you’ve got it made

It’s the nerds of the world that are getting all the girls

Cause the chics know they don’t have Aids

(Thanks for indulging. We now return to the 59 year old version of Scott)

Have a great day/evening/week/weekend//life/afterlife!

Streams of Joy,


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