I started a Course in Miracles when I was eighteen years old, the year I dropped out of college to get a higher education. I studied a workbook lesson each day, and it was a perfect fit for my needs for structure and discipline. As ACIM says, “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”

One thing for sure: It kept me off the streets!

When I was thirty four years old I started having experiences of hearing the voice of Jesus. In my mind he called himself Jeshua.

We were conversing like dear friends. I was amazed he had a sense of humor that made me feel at ease, even though a part of me thought I was making the whole thing up.

He addressed my doubts by saying, “Even if you are making this all up, which on a deep level you actually are, ask yourself, Scott, “Is this a Voice I can trust, a voice of wisdom and unconditional love? and… Can this Voice lead me back Home?”

When I asked those questions, the answer was a Yes I could not deny. This was my elder brother, the source of a Course in Miracles, a friend and co-mischief-maker that had walked with me in many lifetimes.

I then asked him if he had any guidance for me.

He did. Plenty. (Still does, whenever I am humble and open enough to ask)

One thing he suggested shocked me.

“Let go of your daily studying of A Course in Miracles. At this point it’s actually holding you back.”

It was scary for me to stop something that had been so helpful to my awakening process for so many years. But when I did, I started hearing his guidance more and more, as clearly as when I talk to a close friend in physical form.

It was like saying goodbye to an ancient modem and saying hello to high-speed internet.

I began to understand something that Alan Cohen once said. “There are two times when a spiritual path blesses you the most. First, when you commit to it. And second, when you let it go.”

Because we are always growing and evolving, today’s miracle teachings become tomorrow’s crutches.

Holding on to something because you think you should, or because it worked well for you in the past, is living in dogma, which slows down your growth.

The present moment always has a fresh set of marching orders and upgrades for you, but if you drag the past with you, you won’t receive the current downloads. Refresh and restart often.

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