Is serendipity a gift of grace or a natural result of a certain mindset?

A few years ago I was feasting my eyes and ears on Carole King, watching interviews, adoring her live performances on You Tube, and reading her memoir, A Natural Woman.

So, imagine my surprise when that very same week, two women, strangers to my eyes, out of the blue approached my dinner table and serenaded me with a classic Carole King song, Tapestry.

It felt surreal and amazing. How could they know there already was a Carole King concert going on in my heart?

Synchronicity? Coincidence? The Law of Attraction?

Whatever it was, it was utterly delightful.

It reminded me of an experience I had in 1995.

I had just written a song that began with the lyric:

So I tuck you in child, and I kiss you goodnight

Then I read you a story and turn out the light

But before I go, I want you to know

My love

At that time, 1995, I never imagined I would ever be a father. I wrote it to help me re-parent myself. I sang it over and over again that day I wrote it, serenading my inner child while gazing in the mirror.

That night a friend came over with a DVD we had planned to watch together. But she also had something else in her pocketbook. A surprise.

“Scott, before we watch the movie, I’ve a gift for you, but to receive it, you must first slip into some pajamas, get under the covers, and pretend it’s bedtime.”

I followed her instructions to the letter, except I did not own pajamas.

She proceeded to read me a children’s story about a troubadour, as if she was tucking me in.

How did she know?

In 1995 I got to record that song with my producer, Peter Sprague, and thirteen years later, my daughter was welcomed into this world.

Do you believe that what you dwell upon, mentally and emotionally, creates a tractor beam that draws life experiences to you?

For me it’s not what I believe. It’s what I know.

Oh yeah, here’s the song…

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