Recently I found an old talk I gave from twenty years ago in Phoenix. I put it up on YouTube and did something I almost never do – I listened to it, absorbed it, and took it in as if I was my own teacher gifting me with a transmission. I was transfixed. It was like who I was in 1997 traveled forward in time to help heal the part of me that’s been hard on myself lately for various ‘valid’ reasons.

It’s called Self-Care, Caring For Your Most Important Relationship. It includes what I do in all my talks: Humor, songs, and true to (my) life stories that invite peope ever so gently to take a look within.

I also felt guided to put it up on SoundCloud, something I never did before in my life. Someone jumped on it on Sound Cloud and forty minutes after I had put it up wrote me a comment: “Raw, deep, true, real, hilarious, painful as hell, super loving…..Thank you Scott…”

I think I understand the painful as hell part, although I don’t think most people will have that experience. It’s me at my lightest and sweetest, but at the end I do invite people by way of a guided visualization/meditation to look within at the self-critical part of the mind, and how that impacts your inner child. The point is to facilitate a transformation into more loving self-care, and sometimes there can be an ouch or two in that process as the ego admits to being hard on oneself and prepares to release the pattern. But it all ends well.

I consider our self-care habits to be like the fuse box in our house. Often there are appliances that stop working, or parts of the house (or the entire system) that experiences a black-out, and we tend to look everywhere to fix things but the fuse box itself, the generator of our life force.

Receive the transmission at: Self-Care, Caring For Your Most Important Relationship

Scott Grace serves through life coaching, custom made Song Portraits to honor someone you love, speaking, singing, etc. You can find out more at: He also delights in sharing the leaves of a mysterious tree in Indonesia which is in the coffee family, but is more like coffee that has meditated for twenty years and taken loads of personal growth workshops. It stimulates the pineal gland rather than the adrenals, but still supports mood and focus. Find out a bit more at: Scott’s Mysterious Plant

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