If you live in the Bay area and you are free to attend to my upcoming house concert on Saturday, Feb 1st in San Rafael, but you are noticing you might have some resistance, please review the following….. the details about the concert are towards the bottom as you scroll down…

Your Resistance To Attending My Concert – And My Re-Buttals To Get You Off Your Butts

(with thanks to Katie Darling (www.theinfinitewave.com) for the concept…

#1) There is too much pain and heaviness going on in my life and in the world right now to laugh, lighten up, and be silly.

Letting the weight of the world fall off your shoulders is part of both your personal healing and your service to others! Emmanuel says: “There is nothing that transforms darkness more quickly than a festivity right in the middle of it.” Do you add any healing to the world by taking it all so seriously? You can curse the darkness or light a candle. Come to the concert and be a candle!

#2) It’s so much easier to stay home and watch TV for my entertainment.

TV brings you numbness and escape, and a concert with yours truly brings you to LIFE! And, by the way, there will be popcorn at hand at the concert. And, even better, since I am a channel, you can channel surf at the concert by making song requests and ordering me around (musically that is). I will always sing on demand when you push my buttons and honor requests for me to change channels, so bring your metaphoric remote control and come.

#3) I can’t afford it.

$20 is out of reach? Is that true? Can you know it’s true? Or is unworthiness or lack of self love masquerading as responsible budgeting! Do you once in a while spend $25 or much more on a gourmet meal at a great restaurant to treat yourself and/or a loved one? Of course you do. This will be a gourmet concert that will feed your soul, and your spiritual/emotional tummy will be filled and satisfied for a long long time. This meal will be gluten free, easy to digest, and will support you in losing tons of emotional weight, all in two hours of passive enjoyment. Chew on that before convincing yourself you can’t afford it! Treat yourself to a treat. You deserve it!

#4) It’s too far to drive.

Really? Give us a break, you’re not THAT old yet!

#5) I’ll stay in the moment, wait to the last-minute and then get a feeling/guidance that I’m not in the mood or it’s not right for me.

Ah yes, we spiritual people love to play this trick of the ego to avoid new experiences, joy, and expanded aliveness. Bring your sluggish, moody, apprehensive body and experience a lift and a surge of joy that will make you want to dance and skip all the way home. And if you really want to challenge yourself and heal your fear of commitment, you can actually make plans and register in advance! Now that’s radical – practically against the law in these here parts.

#6) I’ll feel exposed and awkward, and I won’t be able to hide.

Yes, you will be exposed to love, joy, laughter and to healing. You will find it a very safe space. You may even discover you really don’t want to hide. But you can if that is your desire. Your boundaries will be honored.

#7) I need some time to myself.

I know this one so well. I’ve used it much more often to coddle my fears and nurse my sense of separation than to authentically meet a need. You decide. But I promise you this: Coming to my concert will be time between you and your Divine Self. And it will fill you up big time.

#8) I’ll be out of town.

If you already have plans that take you out of the area over the Feb 1st weekend, then you might just have a legitimate reason for not showing up. If this is the case, please disregard all of the above and have a great weekend elsewhere.


An optional potluck is happening and starts at 5:00 PM. Come and chow down with Scott and friends. Bring something healthy, please.

The concert will begin at 7:00 PM so please try to arrive and be seated by 6:50 PM. It goes for at least two hours, usually more.

RSVP to Bobbi@ryalsjobs.com and please cc scott@scottsongs.com

FEE: $20 per person, payable by cash or check made out to Scott Grace at the door.

Date: Saturday February 1st

5 pm Pot Luck    7:00 pm Concert

Location: 120 La Alondra Ct.

San Rafael, 94903

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