How Can We Keep Hope Alive in Today’s World?

A client emailed me to ask me, with everything that’s going on in the world, how can she still keep hope alive.

She wrote that she used to believe that everything eventually has a happy ending, but that she is realizing that such hope was just a coping mechanism to survive, and as she empathizes with the amount of suffering the majority of people all around her are experiencing…..well, you get the picture….more suffering added to the world, this time in her own heart.

St. Francis prayed, “Where there is sadness, let me sow joy.”

Those words express the important distinction between empathy and co-dependence. If someone you care about is sinking into quicksand, you can help them only if you toss them a rope and stay firmly centered, standing on solid ground.

“Where there is despair, let me sow hope”, added brother Francis.

I responded….

This is a juicy door to open for next week’s session.

But for now…. perhaps, with life being eternal, there is no such thing as an ending to anything.

On the other hand, A Course in Miracles reassures us, “A happy outcome to all things is certain.”

We can only manage our own energy, and as I have learned to let other people have their own feelings and experiences, I have come to realize that I shine as a beacon of hope because that is who I am, just like a dolphin smiles in the stormiest of seas.

It matters not what is going on around me.

And the destruction of a forest fire is always followed by brave new growth.

Eventually. Eternally.

Perhaps what you are seeking is not hope, but patience.

See you on Facetime next week, if you can be patient!

Hugs from My Heart,


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