Is growing old an oxymoron?

I am moving into Namaste Village August 15, and it is somewhat of a spiritual retirement community down in Ajijic, Mexico.

Which begs the questions, what am I retiring from?

I am retiring from overthinking, overdoing, under-breathing, rushing through tasks, and tiptoeing around certain people to try my best not to trigger them.

I won’t retire from serving you with my music, writing, speaking, and YouTubes until my due date is up and it is time to return this body back to the earth’s living library..

Is growing old an oxymoron?

I’ll tell you and report back if I ever get old, but I’m not planning to, because I’m committed to continuing to grow.

Vitality and well-being keep increasing each day I live, as does my courage, faith and persistence. I feel free, alive, and youthful as a child, with boundless enthusiasm for life.

Having a long term coach/mentor/therapist all rolled into one has really paid off for me, and so has getting addicted to trying new things and being playful, which makes my inner child very happy to be alive.

So am I growing old?

Maybe this body is aging, but why is daily exercise and eating healthy so much easier now than it has ever been? Could it be that I am actually loving myself enough to treat this temple with care and respect?

If I am growing in self-love, why would it concern me how young/old this body is?

Why keep track at all?

Maybe getting old has more to do with the hardening of the attitudes than arteries.

Maybe what is real and essential about us is ageless, timeless, and even body-less.

When Sai Baba used to ask Hilda Charlton, my first spiritual teacher, how old she was, she would say “I was never born and I will never die.”

I’ll continue to report on this story, and let you know if or when I ever feel old.

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