I have performed for audiences ranging from several people to several thousand. While I enjoy the thrill of standing in front of large numbers of people, I actually adore giving personal concerts to small groups even more so.

Living rooms, fireplaces, eye contact, hearts touched, seeing tears well up.

That’s where I shine the brightest and enjoy myself the most.

And now, because of modern technology (Skype and FaceTime), I can do that from my living room to yours.

Anywhere you are in the world.

I am inviting me to invite me into your home.

Share me with family and friends.

You can have me any which way you want. Ask me to do funny spiritual songs. Ask me to keep it serious, soulful, and deeply touching. Or both. I can do my Spiritual Dr. Seuss poems, or make up poems in the moment about anyone or anything.

Request me to make up songs about whatever is relevant to you and your peeps. Ask me to make stuff up about your family, your kids, your mate.

Whatever you request I will sing about. Including birthdays and songs to celebrate and honor your loved ones. And yes, you can record it all.

I am being guided to keep the cost of a private concert with me via Skype or Facebook to a minimum. Just to get the energy rolling and building.

The cost will be sliding scale. $100 to $300, suggested contribution. You can gather some friends and ask them to contribute money, or pay for it yourself and host a party.

Or just keep it to yourself or your family. I’d be happy to to this just for you, a solo show.

Let me know you are interested and let’s begin conversation about it.

With Joy,

Scott Grace

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