By Scott Grace

It’s good to be prepared for things. If you, like me, live in California, you probably have an emergency earthquake kit with food and water and such.

Sometimes it is wise to  conjure up our very worst case scenario, and somehow make peace with its possibility.

Which brings me to a Donald Trump presidency.

Shucks, I actually am not ready to go there yet. I’m working up to it, though.

When I did a Firewalk twenty years ago the instructor asked us to imagine the worst thing that could happen to us. He took us through a visualization where we saw ourselves having burns on our feet, having them treated at the hospital, and surviving just fine.

Then we spent a much longer amount of time visualizing a successful outcome. We were reminded that multitudes of people have walked on hot coals without injury, both at workshops in modern times and in olden days in native ceremonies and rituals all over the earth.

We got worked up into a state where we believed that anything is possible. No limits. Mind over matter.

We all were frothing at the mouth to demonstrate it, to get our money’s worth from the seminar and accomplish great things in our life.

I walked across those coals without pain, imagining and chanting “cool moss, cool moss.” I was doing great. But at a certain point as I neared the finish line, my ego took over and screwed with the cool moss, chanting, “I am so cool for doing this. I can’t wait to brag about this to my friends!” At that point I started feeling the heat.


It was my ego that got burned, but I also ended up nursing a few blisters on my feet as well. No hospital, though.  All in all, it was a great experience of self-empowerment, and, yes, I bragged about it to my friends, and even used the story to seduce women. (New Age Ones.)

Speaking of bragging and seduction, let’s get back to Donald Trump. I like to think that he won’t be President. But I like to think a lot of things about the future that don’t end up the way I want them.

So, let’s get our Donald Trump Preparedness Kit in order.

How do we mentally prepare for such a possibility? What helpful ideas might be wise to pack in a survival kit?

May I suggest the following five:

1. Firstly, if the earth begins to quake on election day and you think the country has landed on Donald’s Fault, do not run away from your walls and out of your house. Hug your children and stay put. Please don’t move to Canada. Let’s be change agents right here. Canada gets very cold, and Canadians are so damn polite, so apologetic. They are like the anti-Trump. Now, I understand why that can be very attractive at this point. So, go ahead, if you must, vacation in Canada, and then come back and help us walk over those orange coals.

Keep your cool, your love and sanity, right here. Bloom where you’ve been planted, U.S. citizen. You’ll be needed more than ever.

2. Remember, you do not know what’s best for this country or for the world. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. A Course in Miracles reminds us that we do not know what anything is for. Jesus asked us not to judge by appearances. Donald Trump, in spite of his appearances of being more primate than human, could be exactly what this world needs right now to speed up our evolution, just like the way an alcoholic sometimes needs to go on a bender and hit a dramatic bottom before recovery can be committed to.

Perhaps we need a colossal ass help to us hit our collective bottom.

So, if Donald does become president, remember that only your ego, not your true self, can get burned, and instead of chanting cool moss, chant the following:

“I don’t know what this, or anything is for. I choose to trust that even Donald being president can and will serve the highest good for all concerned.

3. Remember, as revolting as you might find Mr. Trump, you don’t have to sleep with him.  He is not in your bed, and need not even be in your head. Own your power, no matter who is in power politically.  Voting for Donald is an anguished cry for help, a 911 call for love by masses of folks who are feeling powerless in their lives. Don’t be one of them.  Your life is your own creation, and Donald Trump or any other person, politician or not, has no power to impact your life but the power that you give him. Or her.

Go, Hillary. Go, Bernie.  But….

Politicians are not leaders, that are reflections of consciousness. One will not save us, nor take us all down with the ship.  Look at how little Obama was able to do, out of all he would have liked to accomplish. There is great change happening in the world. Many systems are crumpling and then changing of the better. Politics is the densest, slowest system in human consciousness to evolve and to reflect change. So don’t give your power to what is slow and dense. Be the light that you are. Be in your power.

4)  Donald feels threatened by Mexicans and Muslims. Please don’t continue that insanity by allowing yourself to feel threatened by Donald Trump. Feeling threatened is what egos habitually do… perceiving danger, holding grievances, building walls, etc. For many of us, Donald Trump running for President has become a great excuse for us to energize our fears. But hey, let’s admit it, if it wasn’t Donald it would be something or someone else. Until we stop identifying with our egos there will always be another threat to freak out about, something outside of ourselves that we are giving our power to and therefore feeling scared of: Trump, Hillary, the Zika virus, the global economy, cancer, etc. etc.

4. If Donald becomes president, you have a duty to take up drinking, to drink in copious amounts of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, and other comedians who help us laugh at it all. Let those wonderful entertainers and satirists help you put things in perspective. Let’s face it: The world has always been crazy. It just might get a bit crazier before sanity begins to become attractive to the masses. So laugh it up. release the seriousness. It’s not helpful.

5. Let there be light. And trust that it is coming. It’s just messy. Donald Trump blurts out the dark, shadow side of the Republican belief system  as if he had tourette syndrome. There has always been racism and narcissism in that party. It was just hidden well. Now it’s exposed, in full view, uncensored. That’s part of the healing process. Darkness gets revealed by the light. It’s all good.

If we can get in a state where hot coals don’t hurt or scare us, we can certainly achieve an attitude where neither can Donald Trump. Here’s how: Call on the Department of Inner Peace and your inner Secretary of Defenselessness. Tell them you would rather be happy than right. Let your board of advisers be Trust, Laughter, and a Lighthearted Detachment from the insanity around you.

And, finally, run as an independent, and elect yourself President of the United States of Your Own Life.

You’ll be huge, trust me.

Scott Grace

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