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“Weaving his way with a combination of heartfelt personal stories, followed by songs to illustrate his message, Scott moved and delighted our audience. He has a unique ability to combine humor and vulnerability in his presentations. There is an honesty and a quality of wisdom that comes through his speaking and his music that appeals to everyone. Scott’s exuberance definitely opens people's hearts to the celebration of life. We wholeheartedly recommend Scott as a ‘note’-worthy speaker and singer. He will encourage your audience to look within, laugh, and even sing along!”
~Anne J. Achenbach, Mile High Church of Religious Science Denver, CO

“Scott captured the hearts and minds of those in attendance. Illustrating his points with the live performance of his wonderful songs, Scott visibly touched and emotionally uplifted the audience while entertaining them in the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Scott as a charismatic speaker who presents his wisdom with wit, warmth and humor.”
~Beverly Weurding, Program Coordinator, Consumer Educator Sharp Memorial Hospital,
San Diego, CA (re: presentation on “The Healing Power Of Music”)

“Whether he is speaking gentle healing words of truth, singing, or delivering a personalized song composed the instant that it is sung, Scott brings a child-like charm to all he does. There is a genuine love of life that bubbles through his thoughts and stories that loosens your cares and sets you free. His gentle soothing words, combined with his touching music have helped heal many troubled hearts. Spend just a few moments with Scott and I feel certain that you will agree that he brings a certain "light touch" to what life has presented to us.”
~Daniel Douglas, Minister, Church of Today-Unity Syracuse, New York

“It is not often that I am compelled to write a letter of recommendation for someone. As a minister, I receive dozens of offers across my desk from people and organizations wanting to present at our ministry. We schedule five or six of these special presentations a year. It is often a daunting task to discern which might be of best value (and best attended) for our spiritual family. While each speaker that we schedule blesses us, every once in a while we hit the jackpot. d Since no one here had ever heard of Scott Kalechstein Grace before, we briefly played some of the songs from his CDs over our sound system at the end of the Service for four weeks before his visit. People loved it. d Scott was the guest minister at the Service, mixing music in with his talk, then followed up with a workshop on relationships in the afternoon (again, interspersed with his music). One hundred forty people attended the Service and sixty eight people stayed for the workshop. We’ve never had such a high attendance for a workshop before. d Scott uses his day-to-day life experiences as tools for awakening. With humor (we were rolling in the aisles), compassion, understanding, and insights into the human condition, Scott helps people become aware of their thoughts, attitudes, judgments, and perceptions of life-so that they can choose differently. If you are looking to schedule someone who will leave a lasting and positive impression upon all who attend, you need look no further than Scott Kalechstein Grace. We cannot wait to have him back.”
~Audrey P. Bickford, Minister Unity of Lebanon, New Jersey

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