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How Getting a Song For Someone Works

The Cost of a Song Portrait: $95 for a short and sweet song, simple, effective, performed with voice and guitar.

Premium Song Portrait: $295
for an in depth anthem, rich with details honoring your unique loved one.
Example below.

Both come with a fifteen minute phone/skype/facetime consultation.
Email me at info(at) to set that up.

First you email me whatever facts, accomplishments, and personal tidbits that you can think of that you might want to appear in the song about them.
The more juicy and unique details from their life included, the more special and honored they will feel.

Answer the following questions in bullet points and send to info(at)

What makes them special that you celebrate about them?

What do you think they are most proud of? What are you most proud of them?

What do you know of their hopes and dreams for their future?

What are a few of the highlights of their past, things from their history that have impacted their life?

What do they find funny? Everyone has a unique sense of humor. Please give me a peek into theirs.

Do you want your personal feelings about them in the song? If so, let me know how you feel. Itís time to gush. They can handle it. And so can you, since I do all the work.
If you want, I'll use humor to help them take it all in and receive.

Do you have a special nickname for them or they of you? Are there playful words of affection you express? Please do share.

What words might they use, if any, for their relationship with a higher power? Or would it be wiser to leave that spiritual or religious stuff out of it?

Do you want the song to be all about celebration and honoring, or might it also offer some support, healing, or affirmation of his or her life path as well? If so, describe one or two of the challenges they face, and/or goals they aspire to reach.

If they have some favorite sayings that they have posted on their mirror or fridge, phrases or quotes they aspire to live by, please do share them with me. Things like Easy Does It, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, etc.

You also might give me some clues as to what music they like, favorite artists, or songs, as I might create the music based on that.

Feeling Overwhelmed By All The Questions?   You don't have to do this perfectly, or even be thorough about answering each question. Do your best, have fun, and be joyous about it. Yes, it's a labor of love, but, please, go easy on the labor, and focus on the love. Relax, and enjoy getting in touch with all that you appreciate about this person.

After I get these details in bullet points from you, I get to work on crafting the song. Although I can do it in a few days, it's ideal to give me a few weeks, as my schedule might be full, and I enjoy doing this best in an unhurried manner. Iíll email you the lyrics, and you will have a chance to review them and give me feedback until it is so right on that you feel certain it will be one of the best presents they ever received. Then Iíll record it and send it to you for a final chance to edit, or to give your seal of approval.

When you are over the moon about it, you send me $295 via PayPal, credit card, or check. I record the final version and email it to you.

End of story, unless you want some additional services, like me showing up and singing it to your loved one live. (A couple in 2015 had a Song Portrait for their relationship, and loved it so much they hired me to travel cross country and sing it at their wedding!)  I could also perform it to your loved one directly over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. You also have a choice to upgrade to the highest sound quality, which is when I record it at a state of the art recording studio, with a sound engineer and producer. Ask me about pricing for these add-ons.

Song Portraits can also be arranged for businesses, websites, non-profits, causes, babies, children, yourself, or to honor the deceased.

You can even have a Selfie Song Portrait!

I am so thrilled to be doing this, to joyously craft songs that mean so much to people.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, and allowing me to put your love into words and music.

To Start the Process:
Email me at info(at) or call me at 415 755 8140 to discuss it. I offer a fifteen minute no pressure phone consultation if you are on the fence about it.

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