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  Confessions of an Enthusiastic Scott Promoter:

I have promoted Scott Kalechstein Grace for many years in Tuscon, Arizona, organizing both his concerts and workshops. I want everyone to know that he is a MAJOR TALENT, and is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever met (and having been in the music business, I've met quite a few).

One of his many gifts is the ability to spontaneously connect with and engage an audience in ways that are touching, inspiring, and hilarious. He usually does half his concert 'pure' improv, where he'll ask the audience for topics or themes, and then create songs for them, impromptu, on the spot. After his concert last year one woman said "I have not laughed that much in ten years!"

Scott is also a wonderful speaker and seminar leader as well. He has appeared in many venues, including speaking and singing at many Unity and Religious Science churches around the country.

I cannot say enough good things about him in this short space. Suffice it to say that he is an OUTRAGEOUSLY OUTSTANDING TALENT in many ways, and that he comes with my highest regard and recommendation!

Thank you for letting me vent,

   ~ John Freedom, M.C., NLP, Integrated Body/Mind Therapies, Tucson, AZ


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