Disclaimer: This one is just me expressing humor. No deep meaning or inspiration intended.

Milleniums have so many choices these days that you and I never had, from the vast variety of beers available to orgasms I’ve never even heard of before. Having just done some research online and seen what is happening in the wide world of orgasms, I’ve made a list, not in any particular order:

Scott Grace’s List of Trending Orgasms

An orgasm one has around a campfire: a S’more-gasm

An orgasm one has while intoxicated: a Whose-Minding–the-Store-gasm

An orgasm one gets by tuning into an erotic moment from a past life: Before-gasm

An orgasm one has from reading Winnie the Pooh in a sultry voice: an Eeyore-gasm

An orgasm you get from conceding defeat pre-maturely: an Al-Gore-gasm

An orgasm you get by watching Donald Trump: an Outlaw-gasm

An orgasm you give because you feel obligated: a Chore-gasm

An orgasm you have while reading 18th century erotic literature: a Tales-of-Yore-gasm

An orgasm given you by a DoorDash driver: a Door-to-Door-gasm

An orgasm you give only because your partner just gave you one: a Keeping Score-gasm

An orgasm achieved while watching a television show from the 1970’s: a MaryTylerMoore-gasm, or sometimes a Dinah-Shore-gasm

An orgasm one has while in a very uncomfortable Yoga position: a Spiritually-Sore-gasm

An orgasm you have while with someone you have zero connection with: a Bore-gasm

You have now reached your climax. For a second coming, and/or multiple orgasms, you may read this again to yourself, or to consenting adult, but please do so in another room, as to keep it fresh.

For further study, drop down and read this horizontal right where you are and have a Floor-gasm. Or read it in an airplane bathroom and have a Soar-gasm, but please don’t read it in your sleep, as that may lead to a Snore-gasm.

And for many more-gasms, check out scottsongs.com

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