Donald Trump. Just invoking his name can cause some of my friends to go straight to fear, as if I had uttered the name, Voldemort.

I hold such a different perspectives, and feel moved to share them with you. But before I do, I want to say that I am aware that most of you do not sign up to stay connected to my offerings because you want to hear my political views. For that reason, I do limit these kinds of emails to no more than once a year. And I do speak of the current political environment with the intention to further our emotional well being, as well as our spiritual evolution. It’s all grist for the mill.

Some of you might want to delete this email before it brings you down, or sends you straight into your head. Some of you might want to criticize my Pollyanna attitude. And a few of you might consider this really good medicine, just what the song doctor ordered. It is to you that I write this, with the hopes that my words and perspectives might help you heap less suffering upon yourself in regards to all things Trump.

First, let’s have a laugh at it all, by listening to: My Super Funny Donald Trump Song

And now, here’s four reasons why I don’t hate or fear Donald. And why I actually smile when I see him or hear him or even think of him…

1. I’m an Angel! For fifteen years I did not watch the news, putting myself on a conscious, disciplined media fast. I tuned out the negativity so I could learn to tune into my inner media, and learn to raise and maintain my vibration in a crazy world. At a certain point I felt guided to start reading the news again, but only as an angel. I see myself as part human and part angel. My human self reacts. My angel self blesses. I have trained myself to see with my angel eyes when I start to get seriously into my head about politics. My angel self blesses Donald. Sends love his way. And sends a wink to his higher self, knowing he is playing his part to perfection. I love him the way I love Marlon Brando for being such a great Godfather. If I cannot watch or read the news as an angel, I turn it off. No sense being informed if I am going to use that information to lower my vibration and add my negativity to humanity’s collective.

2. I just don’t believe in victims and villains anymore. I don’t see Donald as a villain. I do see him as a child of God, playing a part that we all hired him to play, so we can all see with the collective consciousness of humanity just what the ego’s belief system of fear looks and feels and tastes like. When Donald gets aggressive and talks about solutions to complex problems like “Build a wall”, or “Don’t let the Muslims in”, I get excited. Why? Because he is such great teacher, showing us in livid and vivid colors what the ego (yours, mine) sounds and feels like. He shouts: “Aggression is strength! Let me protect you!”  I think the world is rapidly heading towards not tolerating bullies, and that Donald is leading the movement by being the world’s most public bully.

3. All is well is my practice. I used to think, “Maybe all is well on some cosmic level, but…. And there is always a but to butt up against! My finances, my country, Ebola, Donald Trump… the world never ceases to give me contrast, choices, and chances to react. So, my practice is to remember that all is well with Donald and his race to the White House. I see it as a lesson for our country and the world. A lesson that must be played out. And what is my part in that lesson? Do I want to send negativity out as my contribution? Do I want to hate his hatred, or feel threatened by him in any way? A Course in Miracles says, “Nothing real can be threatened.” So I believe I am getting real when I say, All is well, and I send you peace, Donny Trump.

4. Maybe this is just my incurable optimism, but I see Donald as forcing the evolution of the Republican Party. To survive, they are going to have to hit bottom and adapt to the changing times, times that no longer tolerate bigotry.  Donald serves this transformation. He bleeps out the shadow side of the old paradigm consciousness with no censorship at all, as if he had Tourette Sydrome. The narcissism and racism and greed that has always been in the shadows cannot hide anymore.The gig is up. I see it imploding upon itself, hitting bottom. There are no young republicans anymore. There are no college campus movements to support Trump.  White men are now the minority in the country. To me, this is exciting stuff. Donald is acting like a homeopathic remedy. A small dose of his toxicity during the primary is forcing our nation to build a strong immune system, one where the American people will stand up to the bully and show this man the door during the general election. And I don’t believe it will be close. Again, maybe this is just my incurable optimism, but it makes me happy, and I’d rather be a happy optimist than a fearful realist.

So, to those of you who are still giving him your power and allowing Donald to trigger fear, hatred, or any kind of reaction other than love, I hope a few of these points go under your skin and help you keep your personal peace and sanity in our insane, but lovable world. Yes, you have every right to say no to Donald Trump and what he stands for. But let that no be free of fear, gentle, firm and unshakeable.

And then, please, move on to whom and what you say yes to. That’s where your power is. That’s where your love is.

And do take your homeopathic dose of levity by enjoying my hilarious Donald Trump Song:

With Joy,


Scott Kalechstein Grace is the author of Teach Me How To Love, A True Story That Touches Hearts & Helps With The Laundry!, available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback by clicking on the title.  In addition, he is the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, an inspirational speaker, a transformational humorist, a life coach, and a modern day troubadour. He makes his home in Marin, California and loves presenting at conferences, giving talks, concerts and workshops. Visit for more.

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