Announcing The End of All Personal Growth Books!

The Last Say On Self-Improvement!!

Goodbye Chicken Soup! Farewell To Dummies & Idiots!

It’s Time To…

By Scott Kalechstein Grace

How To Quadruple Your Income, Manifest Your Soul Mate, Create Perfect Health, And Achieve Lasting Inner Peace In Less Time Than It Takes To Finish Reading This Sub-Title

The All Gain No Pain Way to Unlimited Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness

The Promise: This Will Be The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Purchase! (Or Trust)


Eradicate Debt
Banish Worry
Get Over Shyness
Get Rid Of Stress
End Procrastination
Vanquish Doubt
Purge Parasites
Eliminate Self-Sabotage
Eliminate Enemies
Eliminate Elimination
Eliminate _______ (insert your choice)


Achieve Your Perfect Weight (with our exclusive patented high carb, high fat, high protein, no fruits and no vegetables diet!)
Live Your Dreams
Generate Millions
Materialize Mega-Success
Magnetize Miracles
Do What You Love (without being followed)
Win Friends
Influence Strangers
Attract _________ (insert your choice)

Learn how to use the law of attraction to have everything you want all of the time without struggle, effort or compromise

Learn how to be liked by everyone and not care what people think about you

Learn to manifest your desires instantaneously (instant gratification is only judged as a negative by people who can’t)

Why Not… HAVE IT ALL?! It’s time to think big! It’s time to be big!! It’s time to SPEND BIG!!!

Get under the waterfall of endless abundance and drench yourself in unlimited success and appear humble about it to your family, neighbors, and friends!

“ I read Scott’s book in one sitting on the toilet. Before I flushed I got a call from one of my accountants. He told me that my income had just quadrupled! Now my wife and I are in negotiation to buy a get-away island for our friends and family to retreat to… the continent of Australia!”

-Rony Tobbins

“Some books promise so much more than they deliver. Other books peddle false hope to make a buck and manipulate vulnerable people who want to believe anything. A few books are the real deal and help people who are ready to help themselves. Just Get Over It! goes beyond all three of the previous categories. Just buying this book will change your life. Opening it will make your wildest dreams come true. And actually reading it will make you a master.”

-Chebok Dropah

“I was reluctant to get Just Get Over It! It seemed like so much hype. But my producer said it couldn’t be ignored, so I browsed through it. Now, I’m sold. I want everyone in America to read this book and practice its principles. This book will make Dr. Phil unemployed. And I’m sure he won’t mind. He confided in me over lunch the other day that he is sick and tired of… Oops. Too much information. Anyway, it’s an incredible book!”

-Oprey Whindfall

“ I couldn’t put it down. My current wife kept asking me to come to bed and I kept re-reading it and ignoring her. She finally threw the book at me and filed for divorce, but thanks to Just Get Over It!, I am realizing that she wasn’t my soul mate after all. Now I’m ready to meet my true love, a woman who doesn’t get angry at me and call me a workaholic, or wake up with bad breath. Hey, I deserve it, so why should I settle for less? Oh, and how’s this for good fortune? She got half of everything I own in the settlement, and I’m still a billionaire. Great book!”

-Tronald Dump

“I read Just Get Over It from page to page four times in a row. Each time I noticed a gradual improvement in my ability to be more patient and tolerant with people who disagree with my views. So what if they are misguided, antagonistic, and ridiculous? This book showed me I can rise above their pettiness and be bigger than them. Also, with each reading, I noticed that I had significantly upped my income. My advice? Get the book and up yours!”

-Lush Rimbaugh

Our Lifetime Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your results after reading Just Get Over It!, we will allow you to send the book back to us at no extra charge, no questions asked (you pay postage). We guarantee you will be grateful the rest of your life for this priceless lesson in discernment

To order: send only $499.95 (per year) to:

Perpetual Pink Cloud Press
4 Hot Tubbin It Lane
Gullabullsville, CA 94930

Order ten or more copies and get a free bottle of…. Shame Off You!

An Elixir Everyone Currently On Earth Needs…

Shame Off You!

An amazing time management tool in a bottle designed for: spiritual perfectionists, stressed-out parents, therapists tired of listening, and priests on the go.

When somebody asks you, “Have you no shame?”,  wouldn’t you like to be able to matter-of-factly say, “No, none at all!”

Then Shame Off You! is for you!

Endorsed by John Bradshaw! Recommended by Adam & Eve!

Works on even the most hard to get to shame stains. Returns your soul to its pre fig leaf state!

Shame Off You! works equally well on all four popular sources of shame:

Inner Critic

Ingredients: Holy Instant Tea, Rosewater, Bee Here Now Pollen, & Essence of Forgiveness

Directions: Shake well and spray on affected person or area. In a commanding tone, say, “Shame off you!”

Repeat as necessary.

Caution: Use as inner directed. Will not work without a little willingness and a sense of humor.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Visit to check out actual products that help you release guilt and shame and celebrate your innocence.

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