Yesterday I found my soulmate. Well, another soulmate.

I presently work part time at Sprouts Farmers Market (till my last day a week from today). I was packing someone’s groceries and she said, “You do that extremely well. You must’ve gone to packing school.”

Meeting her playfulness, I replied “You bet I did. One of the best in the country!”

My Soulmate: “You must be very proud of your packing abilities.

Me: “Well kind of, but not as proud as I am of my unpacking abilities.”

Soulmate: “Do say more!”

I wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but, as usual, when I opened my mouth, words came out.

“What I have learned to unpack during the three years I’ve worked here is to see the beauty revealed inside each customer I serve, whether they’re behaving beautifully or not.”

Her comeback took a holy instant, and moved me to laughter, and later tears, as I took in the deeper meaning:

“Then you must have gone to beauty school!”

Maybe we are all in beauty school, learning to see behind the make-up, right into each other’s hearts, where we are all doing our best, and we all are beautiful.

What do you think, soulmate?

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