I am feeling happier and happier these days.

And I find it curious that it has nothing to do with money or a relationship, the two things I thought I needed in place for a happy life.

In fact, it seems to have more to do with what I’ve lost, and nothing to do with what I’ve gained.

What I’ve lost is the habit of looking at myself and my life under a microscope and finding things wrong.

What I’ve lost is the interest in scrutinizing myself or others.

What I’ve lost is a desire to complain, or to criticize those who do.

What I’ve lost is all that emotional weight and grumpiness.

And I trust that the sense of well being that I am experiencing will eventually attract money and a relationship, in just the perfect right timing.

But those things will be icing on the cake.

I’ve so glad I’ve been putting first things, focusing on the cake.

Letting the cake bake inside me.

Yes, the fires of purification have been hot at times, burning out what was false, what was heavy.

But it’s been so worth it.

I’m simpler now. Sweeter. More childlike. More fun to be with. 

And it’s all due to what I’ve lost, not accomplished or attained.

And that is why I’m happy to call myself a professional, intentional, conscious loser.

Blessed be existence. No additives needed.

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