Sunday afternoon, Sept 28th, from 2 to 5 PM, I’ll be offering a workshop at the Absolute Center that I’ve been doing all around the country for the past year, from St. Louis to NYC, from Wisconsin last weekend to as close to Santa Rosa this past March, but somehow have not gotten around to sharing it here in Marin where I live until now.

I call it Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead, and Forgiving Your Mother!

It’s a workshop offering mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing, where I extend my intuitively guided methodology of EFT tapping, as well as healing songs born in the moment that zero in on whoever has asked for support and addresses what they most need to hear and to feel and to receive. The song medicine  I specifically channel for you, called a Song Portrait, gets recorded and sent to you priority email the next day, right into your inbox. That goes for $200  in an individual session, and you get it at the workshop for $40.

My favorite way of describing the workshop is by letting you in on how the strange title was born.

Although I’ve been offering workshops since 1987, I first led this particular one in St. Louis last summer in August, as part of a Course in Miracles retreat I was co-leading for the St. Louis Miracles Council. The combination of EFT tapping, channeled songs for healing, and the support of a group adding their energy to each person’s work with me was indeed a powerful combo. The first person who chose to get some attention had been in chronic back pain for over twenty years. Before that she had been a professional dancer. After experiencing a major shift while working with me on some deep issues (back pain is often the accumulated stored burden of carrying other people on your back), I asked her to try dancing in front of the group of over 100 participants. I asked her to dance with me. She did. Beautifully. Miraculously. And her joy was so palpable. After the weekend she reported to me that she was still pain-free, that she was having her best nights of sleeping in years, and that she was still dancing.


Going back to the workshop, the next person who worked with me was challenged by chronic fatigue syndrome. Again, I took her back to a core issue I was guided to address, with EFT and a song. She, too,  had a powerful release of energy. Then the next person said, “Scott, I want your help with something that would indeed be a miracle: Forgiving my mother!” She did get that help and was able to enjoy some significant freedom from the chains of resentment and a lifetime of mother wounding she had been carrying.

Hence, the title of the workshop was born within those first three participants who had asked for support: Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead, and Forgiving Your Mother!

Please come to the workshop expecting a miracle. Bring anything that burdens or troubles or ails you, no matter how intense or hopeless you feel about it. Or how long you have been suffering. If a room has been dark for four days or forty years, it matters not. When you find the light switch, the light comes on, and everything changes.

There are no limits when it comes to healing, because there are no limits when it comes to the power of God, and how much He/She/It/ loves and supports you.

Sign up for the workshop here. Sign up for both the workshop and the concert the night before and get a ten dollar discount:

Scott Grace Concert and Workshop Registration

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