A man called me from Jamaica and told me I had just won $15 million and wanted my bank info so he could wire the money to me. I pounced on the opportunity, exclaiming in a voice that pretended innocence, enthusiasm, and naivety….

“Oh, this is so exciting! Thank you so much! God has answered my prayers. I am so blessed. Now, please provide me your bank information as well, along with your social security number, and a picture of you naked. And then I’ll do the same. The more we trust each other, the more we’ll both prosper!”

Dial tone.

Did I say something wrong? I really could have used that money. Ha!

If these kinds of calls really bother you, you could always interrupt and say, “Never mind about the money!” And then, in a softer, more sultry tone, add the question, “What are you wearing right now, studmaster”? They will exit instantly. Unless they are as horny as they are greedy. Then you can always hang up and get yourself off, no pun intended!

The point is never to take this kind of thing seriously. When you do, you give them your power, which is almost like giving them your money.

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