An incredible gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations…or for no reason at all.

What if everyone, before they die, had their very own song that honors their unique life, the love they have given, and the contribution they have made? What a wonderful world it would be, to coin a phrase!

We don’t have to wait for a special occasion to honor someday special in your life.  But most of us do. We wait and wait, and hopefully, before they make their passing, we let them know our richest feelings of appreciation and love. Sadly, most people are honored the deepest at their funeral. I am on a mission to reverse that, so we don’t have to wait until someone is dearly departed before we are the most open hearted.

Move on over, Hallmark. Your fast food days of expressing generic sentiment are over. It’s time for gourmet, home cooked gift giving. Like an arrow piercing through defenses and penetrating the heart, a personal, custom made song portrait is hands down the most amazing gift you have ever given. Nothing prepares them for hearing a song all about them, with humor and grace. People just melt. Don’t trust me. Try me. I only get paid when you are over-the-top satisfied and thrilled.


Here is an example of a Song Portrait a son gave his parents for their fiftieth anniversary. He then put together a slide show to go along with the song:

A Parents’ 50th Anniversary Song

The Cost: $295 for an MP3 of the song, performed with voice and guitar, delivered to your email inbox.

To start the process email me at or call me at 415 755 8140 to discuss it. I offer a fifteen minute no pressure consultation if you are on the fence about it.

How Getting a Song For Someone Works

First you email me whatever facts, accomplishments, and personal tidbits that you can think of that you might want to appear in the song about them.

Answer the following questions in bullet points and send to

What makes them special that you celebrate about them?

What do you think they are most proud of?

What do you know of their hopes and dream for their future?

What do they find funny that they might enjoy hearing in the song? Everyone has a unique sense of humor. What’s theirs like?

What are a few of the highlights of past, things from their history that have impacted their life? Especially the positive ones, but feel free to include more than that.

Do you want your personal feelings about them in the song? If so, let me know how you feel. Maybe even share some special nickname you have of them or playful words of affection you express.

What words might they use, if any, for their relationship with a higher power? Or would it be wiser to leave that spiritual or religious stuff out of it? 

Do you want the song to be all about celebration and honoring, or might it also offer some support, healing, or affirmation of his or her life path as well? If so, describe one or two of the challenges they face and if you have any ideas about what would be helpful for them to remember and put into practice to get through it.

If they have some favorite sayings that they have posted on their mirror or fridge, phrases or quotes they aspire to live by, please do share them with me. Things like “Easy Does It”, “One Day at a Time”, etc.

You also might give me some clues as to what music they like, favorite artists, or songs, as I might choose the music based on that.

I am on the lookout for special phrases, sayings, and themes that are meaningful and personal to them. That’s what makes the song so touching, so intimate, so infused with that sense that … “He captured me in a song… OMG, I have my own song!”

The more specific you can get, the more juicy and unique details from their life are included in the song, the more honored they will feel.

Feeling Overwhelmed?  You don’t have to be perfect, or even thorough about answering these questions. Have fun, and be joyous about this. It’s a labor of love. Go easy on the labor, and focus on the love.

After I get these bullet points from you, I get to work on crafting the song. Although I can do it in a few days, it’s ideal to give me a few weeks time, as my schedule might be full, and I enjoy doing this best in a relaxed manner. I’ll email you the lyrics, and you will have a chance to review and give me feedback until it is so right on that you feel certain it will be one of the best presents they ever got. Then I’ll record it and send it to you for a final chance to give your seal of approval.

When you are over the moon about it, then and only then, I record the final version and email it to you. End of story, unless you want some add-ons, like me showing up and singing it to your loved one live. (A couple recently had a Song Portrait, and loved it so much they hired me to travel cross country and sing it at their wedding!)  I could also sing it directly over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Technology is so cool! You will also have a choice to upgrade to the highest sound quality, which is when I record it at a state of the art recording studio. Ask me about special pricing for these add-ons.

When you are over the top satisfied, you then send me $295 via PayPal, credit card, or check.

I am so thrilled to be doing this. Sometimes I pinch myself to remind me that I am not dreaming, that I am actually being paid to joyously craft songs that are so unique, so personal, so heartfelt and meaningful.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, and allowing me to put your love into words and music.

“I wanted to give my amazing wife a birthday present. I listened and viewed some of Scott’s songs on YouTube and thought that it would be an ideal present. From the moment I contacted him, Scott was so helpful with guiding me to provide a concise yet informative bio of Annie’s life. On the day he called by FaceTime and sang the birthday song live to her with members of my family present to witness this beautiful moment. Annie was so deeply touched and everyone was amazed at Scott’s creative ability. It was a very special present which we now have permanently in our computer. Scott is a very special soul who truly walks his spiritual talk and does it with great humor – which is such a blessing. Thank you Scott”

– John Campbell, Song Portrait Giver

“Thank you so much for helping me and my siblings create a memorable song for our Dad’s big birthday – he LOVED it! And we all loved the process too.  Your patience, warmth, support, in addition to your creative and musical expertise helped make it a very memorable birthday present.”

– Melissa J., Song Portrait Giver
“I knew my husband was up to something when he insisted on staying up late one night saying he had some work to do. We always go to bed together so this was strange. Little did I know that he was sending a bio of my life to Scott Grace for a very special birthday present. On my birthday we had a small family gathering and suddenly there was a FaceTime call for me from Scott from the States. He began singing to me and the song was so beautiful it brought me to tears – of joy. It was the most unusual present I’ve ever received and I now have it in my archives and play it often. Thank you for the joy you spread Scott”

– Dr Anne Moir, Song Portrait Receiver

“Thank you. You gave me the universe in a song. Phrase by phrase, over and over, deeper into my being this song-beacon becomes. I will forever play it as the lullaby of my soul.”

~ Verna Tweddale, Song Portrait Receiver

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