Earlier this year I arrived at the milestone of weaning myself off of anti-depressants.

Here’s why I no longer take them.

It was being anti-anger and anti-sadness that was the cause behind my depression in the first place, and I grew weary of the wrestling match my ego was having with my feelings.

It just dawned on me gradually, why in the world would I want to be anti-depression?

Emotion is energy in motion.

Emotional constipation is not good for our health.

Keep it moving, friends.

What you feel you heal. What you release brings you peace.

And don’t get me started about antibiotics. That means anti-life if you look up the word biotic.

Let’s hear it for pro-life, probiotics.

I love and bless western meds, and if I had an opportunity, I would never take them away from anyone. They have served me well, as crutches do when healing from a broken leg.

But if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

For me, the only pill that matters anymore is whether I take the red one or the blue one.

(If you haven’t seen the movie, The Matrix, you won’t get that one.)

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