In Manhattan where I lived in my early twenties, I was once dared by my housemate to go to the store in my pajamas.

Never one to back down from a dare, I went.

I remember how exhilarating it felt, as I turned my attention away from projecting what people might be thinking, and focused solely on gently loving and validating myself, a huge smile on my face.

Yes, I was also nervous, insecure, and embarrassed, but mostly I channeled all those feelings into how proud I felt for taking my housemate up on her dare.

Fast-forward to 38 years later.

I have a bathrobe now that’s as comfy and cozy as bathrobes can be. I feel like royalty when I have it on. A few years back I started wearing it as I took walks through my then home town of Fairfax, Marin County, CA. I got some smiles, some strange looks, and most people who just minded their own business.

There are three reasons why I did this.

1. It helped me gradually and permanently release embarrassment, social anxiety, and any remaining attachments to caring about what people think of me.

It helped make manifest in my heart what I already knew intellectually: When I approve of myself, I need not the approval or understanding of others.

2. It’s so darn comfy and cozy, and it slows my pace and my heartbeat, while making my attitude peaceful, laid back, and gentle.

3. I have a sense that whether they smile or not, the majority of people get a kick out of seeing me stroll the streets in my bathrobe, and I love uplifting others.

Do you care too much about what the neighbors think? Does it hold you back at times from feeling free to be yourself, take risks, and be silly?

Homework Assignment – Wear your bathrobe or pajamas in public, or anything else that caresses your skin with love and symbolizes comfort and ease and luxury for your inner child, and do it till the fear and anxiety is gone.

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