On Facebook I saw a poster that said Americans have four times more of a chance of marrying Rush Limbaugh than contracting Ebola. Which one, might I ask, is scarier to you?

On Monday night Jon Stewart shared his opinion that in the United States, the virus that is reaching epidemic proportions is fear.

Fear, as you know, is fed and spread by mind to mind contact,  especially early childhood contact with relatives, and any and all exposure to the the current media.

When one is afflicted with the virus, they usually are not aware of it. Fear has a way of masquerading as practicality. It convinces you must get real, that you are in danger, and shows you ‘evidence’ to support its truth. It councils that now is the time to freak out about the various worst case scenarios that are running through your mind, and then sells you a protection plan to survive the catastrophe, like stay in your house and watch cable news.  Self-quarantine is a typical fear protection plan, whether the fear be of Ebola or intimacy. Fear isolates. Love joins.

Besides fear, love is the only other virus available on the planet, and fortunately it is even more contagious, spread by enthusiastic heart to heart contact.

Love whispers to you that you are safe, and that all is well. Fear shouts you are doomed. Two voices. One real and from God, and the other manufactured in the laboratory of human ignorance and illusion, using a bullhorn to command and demand your attention and obedience.

The thing about fear is that when you host it long enough your immune system weakens, and little buggers can get in there and wreak havoc in your body. The good news is that when you let fear go, your immune system gets stronger, and your mind returns to enjoying the 24-7 Good News Channel that broadcasts the message that All is Well All of the Time.

If you would like a playful, positive, and passionate infusion of the Good News Channel to vaccinate yourself from being susceptible to the fear virus, watch this from the Spiritual Dr. Seuss: The Story of Fear, and it’s Grand Departure From Your Nervous System!

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