I live for peace. Peace within. Peace for all. I’ve been a peacemaker my whole life. I’m not a fan of people being hurt. Suffering sucks. (Someone make a bumper sticker out of that and split the profits with me, please.)

But I recognize that nature sometimes burns forests down to make way for new life, and that trying to run around putting out fires or avoiding them entirely is not always in our best interest, or that of the forest.

We are in a time in human evolution where almost everything old is burning.

After a fire destroys the decaying, new growth, lush life, rises from the ashes.

But for now, how do you live your daily life when your nervous system is constantly busy dialing 911 and reporting a fire?

It’s lovely that a Course in Miracles says “Nothing real can be threatened”, but then what do we do with our sense of threat that our ego believes is real and valid?

How do you dismantle your personal pentagon when your mind is saying, “Don’t you dare decrease our military budget! The world out there is in a state of emergency!

How do you relax and heal, personally, when, honestly, your nervous system is so freakin’ nervous?

For me, daily meditation, EFT tapping, inner child work, lots of physical movement and exercise, massage, plus weekly coaching/therapy are all helpful.

Tapping is probably number one for me at this point. Nothing unwinds and releases fight or flight better than mastering this deceptively simple practice.

I’d rather go a day without brushing my teeth rather than miss my tapping.

If you don’t use your tools to chip away at fight or flight, the world will simply use you and your nervous system as a tool, throwing monkey wrenches daily at your cherished hopes and dreams.

What are your tools, and even more importantly, do you use them regularly?

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