I’ve been told that my YouTube Channel needs a welcome video, and for it to define my niche. I hate that! I officially rebel and this is my poem of protest.

.I might record me performing it and add it to the clip below, and make it my welcome video!

My niche, my niche, they say define your niche

But for me that’s always been quite a major bitch

The challenge is I simply have a few too many gifts

And every gift needs scratching or my heart will surely itch

But every gift I offer gives your heart and mind a lift

I specialize in helping those who might be feeling stiff

Through tapping, humor, poetry, or songs that channel though

I think i just nailed it and described my niche to you!

You might be scared stiff, bored stiff, or stiff from childhood wounds

If you’re stiff receive my gift, you’ll feel much better soon

All my posts and videos help your heart to heal

To journey from rigidity to fluid, light, and real

So scroll down all the playlists and choose what feels the best

Remove your shoes, let your heart choose, it’s free, so be my guest

If you’re in our culture you might have some rigor mortis

So let’s get you out of your shell, you’re a dolphin not a tortoise

And if you have deep longings or emotional indigestion

I’m here for you on video for private healing sessions

So thank’s for coming, welcome to my YouTube Channel Home

The dress code is quite casual and just feel free to roam

Here’s a tiny clip that sums up what my presence does

Warming up your heart so you can melt into your love

Let’s warm up your heart and melt with me in love

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