I am turning 60 in less than two weeks. I have mixed feelings about that. More on that in the video.

People who know me often express admiration and a sense of wonder at how happy I seem to be, most, if not all of the time.

I can receive that because it is mostly true, but I’d like to add that the reason I feel so joyful so often is that I’ve learned to feel and honor all my feelings. From anger to grief, from hurt to guilt, I feel each one and listen to them all as they flow through my body. Each emotion has a message, and a housewarming gift to bring to the party, and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect.

I see myself as chairman and CEO of a big business. All my feelings are members of the board. It is my job to hear them and thank them for their contribution to the conversation, and then they sit down and the next feeling speaks up. I value them all. They are all a part of my team.

I don’t need to act on their input, but I do need to honor it and value it, and let them have their voice.

All feelings, if fully felt and honored, lead us to deeper joy and happiness. That’s my trade secret. Being emotionally available to anger, sadness, and fear has led me to become emotionally available to love and joy.

I often tell my clients, I am here to support you in feeling better, but I am also here to support you in better feeling.

If you value being more emotionally honest with yourself, more emotionally available to yourself and others, and a happier camper in general, watch this video.

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