Gangway, folks! I’m out of the closet as a psychic coach. No more toe tipping and treading lightly by using words like intuitive.  The fact is, I see auras, read chakras, hear and talk to guides – the whole nine yards. I deliver out-of-this-world messages in a down-to earth way, 97% woo-woo free. But, oh how I’ve shied away from owning that I’m psychic.  I’ve adopted a don’t ask, don’t tell policy about my gifts. Even after graduating from years of study at a Psychic Training Institute, I’ve stayed away from the ‘P’ word.  Probably because I have my own judgements about airy-fairy New Agey psychics who clutch crystals and promote ideas like past lives are important, or that when Mercury is Retrograde you should hide under your covers until it passes.

By the way, I do believe that recalling past lives can come in handy if you are invited to a Come As You Were Party and you haven’t a thing to wear. And caring about Mercury being in Retrograde can be useful for anyone who has plumb forgotten that they themselves are a Heavenly Body, more powerful as a creative force than all the stars in the cosmos.

Coming out has its challenges. When people hear that I am psychic, they occasionally ask me to predict their future. I make it clear that I prefer not serving my clients greasy spiritual junk food, and that’s what predictions are to me. I do see and articulate the soul lessons and big picture blessings behind and within each challenge that a person is facing, and point out the ways life is attempting to help each person grow out of their stuck places and into their authentic power and true selves.

I delight in helping you in bringing to light the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back, and offer practical tools to release them, such as EFT, which, in the hands of a skilled facilitator such as yours truly, can move mountains. Then I hold up a soul mirror and reflect your magnificence right back atcha in the form of a channeled song that arrives in your inbox five minutes after the session ends, a song that you can play every day on your way towards living your dreams.

That’s what I do with my psychic powers. Nothing airy fairy about it. It’s not woo woo if it works. The tools and homework assignments I give make it clear that the power is in your hands. If you want to remain a victim, or would love to hear celestial predictions about when and where you will meet your soulmate, stay away. I have balls, but they are not crystal. The only thing I predict is that as you stop holding hands with your fears, you will spring forward in wondrous ways, and exciting openings will happen in your life that are deliciously unpredictable. Who needs predictions, when you have personal power and a magical universe to play and prosper in?

If the use of my psychic gifts does not lead to your grounded progress and practical next steps, then, as they say from my home town of Brooklyn, Fuggetabouttit!

It’s not about my powers and gifts. It’s about you and yours.

Sometimes people come for a session tight-lipped to test me, to build trust. They want me to tune into them in an all-purpose generic way and tell them what I see and sense without volunteering anything about themselves, their desires or their challenges. It’s fun for me. A little scary sometimes, when performance anxiety temporarily passes through my nervous system, but I do enjoy being out on my edge.

One time at a busy Psychic Fair a young man not even twenty plopped down on the chair in front of me and asked to ‘read’ him blind. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his friends waiting outside the door. I imagined they dared him to get a reading, or they drew straws and he got the short one. I closed my eyes, said hello to his soul, and got connected to the Universal Delivery Service. “You are on a quest to find out all you can about how dark darkness can be. It’s like you are at Hogwarts taking a crash course in the Dark Arts. Sometimes you forget that the negativity you are dabbling in is not permanent and does not define you, that it’s just a place you are visiting to gather some experience. You will, when you are good and ready, come to the other side of this exploration, and move on to more fulfilling adventures and easier classrooms. Rather than just cursing at it, ask yourself what you want to create and invent to make a difference amidst all the madness you see around you, and you’ll be well on your way.” When I stopped talking I opened my eyes and saw him crying. He mumbled a few words about how he never felt seen until this moment, thanked me profusely, and then slipped away. I was deeply touched, knowing that our short time together made a significant difference in his life.

Most of the time, it helps for people to forego the generic and ask specific questions about a heart’s desire or a challenge. It’s like going to get a massage. You get a better massage if you tell the therapist that your lower back could use some attention, that you don’t like having your feet rubbed, and that your shoulders need a soft approach.

So much healing happens in relationship. The more you relate and reveal, the more you receive. The more a person is honest, vulnerable and open with me in session, the more they come away transformed. If you don’t let me in, I have no business getting in your business. I have not been invited.

It is true that you cannot be supported or healed unless you ask for support and healing. Asking for help from God, guides, angels, human friends, and, yes, psychic coaches, is a prerequisite for receiving it.

Have you asked for help today?

Scott Grace delights in playing Spiritual Santa Claus and giving away complementary thirty minute coaching sessions to anyone who asks, by phone or by Skype. Email him at to set up a time, or visit him at

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