By Scott Grace

I went to college. Dropped in, then dropped out. University of Buffalo. Two years. Didn’t take any English courses. Sorry for my. Grammar…

In those two years I would have loved to have had a girlfriend. Just one, out of the eight thousand female students at UB. But nobody was there for me. In fact I was fond of repeating on a regular basis: There’s nobody here for me. No female ladies with whom I could date and relate. Nobody who could get me, me and my deep sensitivity.

After leaving and going back to NYC I was in Greenwich Village one afternoon, where I lived and felt right at home, where I got me. It was there I met someone. A female someone. We were a lovely match for a while, and had lots of fun. When we eventually parted ways there were no hurt or hard feelings. Guess where she went to school for the two years that I did? The University of Buffalo. Nope, I’m not shitting you.

Why didn’t I meet her there? Cause I was in an exclusive, committed, monogamous relationship with my fear. And, as if it kept me warm at night, I was snuggled up tightly to the belief: There’s nobody here for poor me.

As soon as I was back in New York, where I felt safe and comfortable, my vibration changed. I started strutting my stuff, instead of strutting my victimhood. Kimberly walked right in through the door of my open heart and mind. Isn’t that funny? I still laugh when I think about it. What a cosmic joke! I could have met her at college if I was open and available. But somehow it felt safer and easier for me to keep believing that there’s nobody here for me rather than to reach out, take some risks, and learn to deal with the inevitable hurts and disappointments that are a part of any process or project that’s worthwhile on this planet. It’s as if I had one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, and was hoping to get somewhere.

When I got back to NYC, my old stomping grounds, an environment where I felt safe to stomp, I released the brakes, found my stride, and found my girlfriend.

Since then I’ve aspired to uncover the things I am telling myself that are self-defeating, and wake up from the scarcity trance while I am still in college, so to speak. In the midst of a challenging outer environment, I want to improve my inner game, find my stride, and start feeling safe and comfortable inside my own skin, right here and right now. That’s what moves mountains and makes miracles. Strut your stuff when times are tough. Find your stride and enjoy the ride. Change your state, change your life!

The fastest, simplest, and most efficient tool I have found for changing my state is the Emotional Freedom Technique. In the hands of an experienced and intuitive facilitator such as myself, the results can be nothing short of amazing. It activates the feel-good endorphins, and helps you release the trance state of scarcity you might be in. Then, as you strut your stuff with some consistency, Divine Synchronicity takes you to where you want to be – a new relationship, more money, more self-love, more whatever. Change your state, change your life!

Most of us have got it upside down, bass ackwards! Here’s a paradox you can take to the bank….

You might believe, if you have money challenges, that you desperately need more money before you can let go of the desperation and feel safe again. And the paradox is that the fastest way of creating more money is to release the desperation and start feeling safe, right here and right now. Seek ye first the Kingdom and all these things will be added unto you might sound a little other worldly Biblical and not very modern day practical, but it is extremely grounded in the real world. It’s timeless, and when it comes to those pesky little universal laws, you can’t break the law and get away with it. Your vibrations go out and that’s what you get back. No exceptions. Do what you love, and the money will follow. Be who you are and the relationship will follow. Be in your love and all the good stuff will follow. Put first things first. Don’t procrastinate joy. Be who you are, a joyful being. Tend to your vibes. Change your state. Otherwise, your soulmate might be right next door but you won’t connect. You are unconsciously driving away what you most want, cause you are not being and broadcasting who you really are.

When trying to get (or to give) what you want in life, does it feel like you sometimes have one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake? Could you benefit from a thorough tune up, a coaching session with me consisting of messages from your guides, EFT to help you release blocks, doable action steps for what to do after the session ends, and a channeled song to bring it all from the head to the heart of your experience?  It’s like working with a psychic, a channeler, a life coach, an empathic friend, an EFT wizard, and a music therapist who can channel your unique essence into a song, and getting the benefits of all those perspectives and modalities rolled into one amazing session.

While I love working with people on a regular weekly basis, I am also available for the occasional tune-up, whenever you feel you could use help to stay on track, to get back on track, or to assist you though a difficult  patch. I especially love working with people in a crisis. It brings out my best, the angel in me, to guide people through a patch of darkness and into their light.

Is your vehicle due for a tune up? Have you lost your power steering when it comes to your direction, or your shock absorbers when you are facing bumpy challenges? Are you trying to drive with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake, or when you are low or zero on gas? Let my jumper cables juice you up, help you fill up your tank, reset and trust your inner GPS, and get thee zooming forward!

Change your state, change your life.

Scott Grace is an intuitive, game changing, state changing life coach who serves worldwide and does sessions via phone or Skype. Read more about his coaching practice or call  415 721 2954, or email at to schedule a session.

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