I am a recovering narcissist. The mantra I was emanating for the first half of my life was, Look at Me! But the part of me that is the most narcissistic these days is not seeking attention.

It’s actually the inner critic!

I’ll explain.

When I am caught up in self-judgment, in those moments I am the most self-absorbed, gazing with a frown on my own reflection, and therefore the most unavailable to the hearts of others.

Admitting this makes me laugh, because of the paradox.

My inner critic is fond of telling me,“Scott, you are far too self-absorbed! If you could stop thinking about yourself so much you would have much more energy to give to others and to serve God”

Get the irony?

Lightening up about the critical voice inside is both a method and a sign that healing is happening. When you can laugh at yourself you have let in the light!

My intention in sharing this is to support all of us in being able to tickle our inner critic.

It’s so freeing!

Here’s some two minute laughter medicine that makes even the most stubborn inner critic laugh out loud at itself!

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