My daughter turned 14 on December 12th. I’ celebrate with her on Zoom. It’s the first year of her life I didn’t join her in the flesh for her birthday or Christmas. I’m grieving this with an open, broken heart. One thing I did do that cheered me up was create a song for her birthday. When I sang it for her she was visibly touched. Here is the song and the lyrics.

Aysia’s Birthday Song

It’s been five years since I wrote you your own birthday song

I thought about it for this year but got scared it would be wrong

A typical teen would squirm and say, “Dad, this isn’t cool”

But how about I promise not to sing it at your school
Happy birthday Aysia you really are fourteen

To me you’re like a princess becoming a young queen

I have a few wishes I want to express

Like have a super birthday, now here are the rest

May goats rule the world, and have total dominion
May you always feel free to express your opinion
May you have a happy attitude and approach your life as play 

May you know you’re adored and feel loved every day
May you always beat your dad at Scrabble but not at Chess 

May you know you’re good enough and you always do your best 

May you know you are perfect the way that you are 

And though you are not Taylor Swift you are a superstar

May you have as many friends as you ever could desire

And always have your Hava, Hanaleia and Shaiya

May you love yourself, how smart you are, your kindness and your spirit

And when you get your first crush have fun with it don’t fear it
May you know that I your birth Dad, Paul, and your Mom

Will love you forever even after we are gone

May you live life to the fullest in spite of climate change

And have compassion for the humans for being so insane

May you love right where you at in life and still shoot for the stars

May you sign your artwork clearly and be proud of who you are

May you love your curiosity and follow where it leads

And someday jump out of a plane, just with a parachute please

May Archie Williams be more fun than White Hill Middle School

May being yourself be more important to you than being cool

May you always have a pet like Zev, one that you adore

And may you know that love is what this whole darn life is for

May you know that love is what this life is really for

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