When I hear the following sentiment from my coaching clients, I know there is some shadow work to be done: “I just want to find someone to love, I just want someone to share my life with, someone special, etc.”

Can you feel and have compassion for the pain behind those words, the repressed feelings underneath them and the perceptions of victimhood that contribute to suffering?”

There is a whole world out there to practice the giving and receiving of love. Yes, there are risks to be taken, obstacles to face that hopefully help you unravel your ego structure, and many lessons to be learned in the classroom of relationships.

But one ‘special’ person?

I’ve come to believe that such seed dreams are planted by our culture, not by instinct.

I’m not against monogamy of the body, but I am for polyamory of the heart.

As Emmanuel says to people wanting to find the love of their life:

“A soulmate can only come through doors that are already opened.”

In other words, we all must come to love the energy field of love herself more than any one particular love object.

Someone wrote a book called Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow”

I like to say, “Know you are Love and the Honey Will Follow!”

Now, let’s laugh about it.

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