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A Custom Made Song to Honor a 90 Year Old Man

Dear Friends, I am so blessed to create songs to honor children, graduate students, newlyweds, the deceased, and 90 year old men who are still very much alive and kicking. This man Sam has led an incredibly rich life. May you be inspired and uplifted by his journey...

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My Peak Experience at the Department of Motor Vehicles

This morning I had business with the DMV. Had to go to their office. What’s your first reaction if you were in my shoes? Would you think that a trip to the DMV sucks? You are not alone. I got there at 7:30 AM, a half hour before they opened. as I have found that’s the...

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Healing Thoughts on What Happened in Charlottesville

So Charlottesville happened and I moved through feelings of shock, anger, grief, fear, and lots of sorrow. My eight year old Aysia is having a happy childhood. How do I explain what happened to her? I’ll do my best to make sure she doesn’t hear of it, but...

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